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Diabetic, hear,t Bp

I am diabetic how many times take food for a day. what type of food? i do excerse every day 1 hour 15min tredmil and cycling its enough or do the exersese extra time? my age 50 years waight 87kg i am drink whisky etc... monthly 4 times. each time 240ml. please give your valuble advise to my life style

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Hi there,
A person with diabetes is almost twice likely to develop heart disease and stroke. Having central obesity, having abnormal cholesterol levels, high bp, smoking all can put you at risk of heart disease. Foods high in fiber like oat bran, oatmeal, whole-grain breads and cereals, dried beans and peas may help in lowering blood pressure. Limit the intake of transfat in diet. Drinking whisky in a person with diabetes may cause damage of nerves in arms and legs, high blood pressure, eye complications etc.It is best to avoid it completely. Exercising daily for 20-30 minutes is helpful in diabetics. Avoid exercises which may put extra strain on the heart. Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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