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EKG QT Dispersion

Greetings all.
36 year old male smoker here with history of paroxysmal AFib, SVTs of different types, PVCs, PACs etc. etc.
Also found out I am already in the "moderate" stages of COPD. (mostly chronic bronchitis, O2 sat hovers around 95-96% and ABG tests always show high CO2 in blood) I am definitely quitting the cigs. O2 was down to 93-94% at last ER visit.

Arrhythmias were pretty routine for a couple years and somewhat predictable. Something changed about 2 months ago. Started having arrhythmias I'd never felt before and much more frequent. This seemed to start after I had a strange illness that came up suddenly. Was coughing up watery fluid, chest hurt really bad in area of heart, lasted 4 days. Now I feel terrible. Burning pressure will appear in chest just after waking and will get worse until culminating in what feels like a load of PVCs with a long pause and thud at the end. Some of these just about put my lights out. Dizziness, horrible shortness of breath, vision blurs. Terrible feeling. Also everything seems to set off arrhythmia now...sudden movements, laying on my side, sitting too long. Since 11/26/09 I have been in the ER 4 times. Always seems to calm down once in the ER. DOcs say EKG is ok other than "Diffuse T Abnormalities" Whats bothering me though is that my QT Dispersion value keeps changing and seems to be getting really high. I have read it is a predictor of Cardiac arrest, How significant is this number and should I be worried?. Could someone look at these values and give me an opinion? I am seeing a new EP on Jan 19th but I am going nuts here with worry. I feel terrible. Breathless much of the time and so many new arrythmnias.

Vent Rate 87 bpm
RR Interval 688 ms
PR Interval 142 ms
QRS Duration 78 ms
QT Interval 358 ms
QTc Interval 405 ms
QT Dispersion 58 ms
PRT Axis 13 27 -5

Vent Rate 92 bpm
RR Interval 646 ms
PR Interval 144 ms
QRS Duration 78 ms
QT Interval 368 ms
QTc Interval424 ms
QT Dispersion 38 ms
PRT Axis 21 19 11

Vent Rate 91 bpm
RR Interval 657
PR Interval 150 ms
QRS Duration 78 ms
QT Interval 346 ms
QTc Interval 400 ms
QT Dispersion 74 ms
PRT Axis 25 23 0

Vent Rate 94 bpm
RR Interval 637 ms
PR Interval 146 ms
QRS Duration 78 ms
QT Interval 336
QTC Interval 395 ms
QT Dispersion 78 ms
PRT Axis 25 14 -4
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