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Erratic Sinus Rhythm/ Low and High BP/ Syncope/ PVCs & PACs


I am Nico, I am a 26 year old male who has been suffering from an array of symptoms since I was 17 years old. I am 5ft 8" and I weigh 235lbs ( Ive gained over 60lbs in the last year and a half) I have had a Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and dizziness (not vertigo) problem since 17 (nearly 8 years now). In 2009 I got into a car accident and fractured my frontal right sinus cavity and had to do a reconstructive surgery. In this accident I also got a concussion and was in shock and also unconscious for about an hour. The last few years my health has gradually been declining and my quality of life has gotten so low. I have seen a TBI specialist, a Neurologist, a Cardiac Electrophysiologist, a Psychologist, and a Psychiatrist for Psychotropic medication management

****(Since Wednesday Moring 10/7/15 I noticed whenever I am Sitting or Standing that My Heart Rate Is Super Erratic and Jumping around alot, it goes into the 120s-140s when I stand "from a sitting 60-70bpm" and than bounces all over the place, 40s to low 100s to 80s to 50s, etc. Also since this has started I have noticed an extreme shortness of breath made worse sitting or standing, made better by laying down on my side, my blood pressure since wednesday had also been very low for my normal average when standing, other symptoms with this are blurred vision and off balance/dizzy... I fainted for about 5 seconds friday 10/9/15 night after climbing my flight of stairs, earlier that friday morning I went to the Emergency Department to be evaluated and they said my chest xray was okay as well as my CBC and CMP blood tests.... I explained that most of my symptoms were POSTURAL and or ORTHOSTATIC but they kept me lying down till discharge and didnt let me show them, but on the monitor I was having 100s! of PVCs and PACs which is not normal for me to have that many, also the PACs were making my shortness of breath worse.... They discharged me even though I said I dont feel safe because these are new symptoms and they said well we need your room because we are busy and your cardiologist said all the Arhythmias are from your Sinus Node so your fine and were discharging you, complete BS!!!******************************************

. Here are the symptoms I have experienced daily or within this time frame:

*Panic Attacks
*Constant Fear/Adrenaline Rushes
*Always Tired
*No Sex Drive
*Easily Overstimulated (sensory Overload)
*Non-Rotational Dizziness
*Neck Pain
*Cervicogenic Dizziness
*Heart Arrhythmia (PVC's, and Sinus and or Paroxysmal Tachycardia)
*Sensitive to Sounds (Always have to wear earplugs)
*Sensitivity to Light (always wear sunglasses)
*Off balance
*Slight body tremors
*Chronic Neck and Muscle tension in Occipital and Trapezius Muscles
*Startled by normal every day sounds (occasionally)
*Frequent muscle twitching (Eyelids, Stomach and Diapragm, temple, legs)
*I can't climb a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted (2years ago I used to hit the gym a lot)
*Always Feel Like I Am Dying or That I Have Some Serious Terminal Illness
*Elevated Blood Pressure
**Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Not using CPAP)
*Brain Fog Always
*Shortness of Breath
*Lump In Throat
* Every few months a random mouth and tongue become paralyzed for less than a minute when I eat then I get
Confused afterwards or Panic attack.

Here are the Medications I take everyday:

Clonazepam (Klonopin) .75Mg
Diazepam (Valium) 5MG as or if needed
Aspirin 325MG

Here are TESTS performed in the last 7 years I will put a number next to it to indicate how many times I've had it done

* Head/Brain CT Scan   3-4 Times
* Brain MRI                    4-5 Times
* Neck/Throat MRI        2 Times
*Chest X-Ray              10+ Times
*EKG                           20+ Times
*Implanted Cardiac Monitor 4/01/2014(Still Implanted)
*EEG                           3-4 Times
*Basic Neurological Function Test            10+Times
*Echocardiogram Stress Test                   2 Times
*Echocardiogram                                     1 Time
*Stress Test                                              2 Times
*Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound  (testing for artery compression or insufficiency) 1 Time
*Neuropysch Testing  (TBI and cognitive function)          2 Times
*Blood Tests/Urinalysis   >CBC>CMP>CRP>Troponin>Metanephrines>Cortisol>Lipid Panel>Heavy Metal Compounds>Catecholamines>Thyroid Levels> and some others I can't remember.
*Pulmonary Lung Function Test (shortness of Breath)    1 Time
*Overnight Sleep Studies (In Lab)                  9 Times
*Cervical Trigger Point Injections (Marcaine/Lidocaine)      Done Monthly
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you might be having some nervous system problems (orthostatic and tachycardia like) but your anxiety is making it worse.. feeling dizzy can arise from anxiety itself. also have a close look at your posture, your neck pain might be contributing to your dizzy feeling. when sleeping keep your head high using a firm pillow.

also you said you taking some antipsychotic drugs which itself have cause dizziness. to rule out that you need to stop taking it for sometime and need to manage your symptoms manually rather than drug based.

eating egg whites with complex carbohydrate foods like potatoes, beans, corn etc is useful to raise serotonin in brain which will give some relief from this extra unwanted thoughts (classic symptom of anxiety) which will help you to sleep better also perform works speedy and with focus.

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