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Heart murmur

My son giovanni was born 7 days ago.. when he was born the peditrician did'n hear the heart murmur but then i switched to a different one. she heard the murmur she said it was a squeaking sound.... they sent us to a cardioligist adn they said he has two holes one connecting the upper two chambers and another connecting the two lower chambers.. even though they said that they were small and the top hole is normal in most infants, do you think that the holes will close up? what will happen if they dont? is their any signs of distress that i should look for? in four months i return to the cardioligist to see if the holes have closed. will they have to do any treatment if not?  

sincerely, a very concerned mother
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I know someone was born with a heart mumor. She just goes to doctors to keep a eye on it and she is in the 30's and she is living a happy normal life. Your doing the right thing having follow up appointment. I know someone elese they found her heart mumur when she  was 18  now she's  in the 30's and she's find. You could live a happy normal life with one.

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