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How many blood pressure medications is ok?

Hi, I work for a nonprofit company reviewing medical information for MR clients who live in a group home.  One of these individuals is taking 5 blood pressure meds: Coreg, Tekturna, Clonidine, Lisinopril, Verapamil.  He also takes Lasix.  His PCP prescribes him these medications.  He also has other health problems, including Diabetes, Gout, Neurogenic bladder, renal failure, anemia, degenerative joint disease.  Needless to say, he takes many meds to control these other conditions.

I was wondering how many blood pressure medications is common to take?  

Also, he doesn't have a cardiologist and his PCP is prescribing these meds, which is good that his PCP likes to keep track of all of this, however, I feel that a physician more experienced in cardiology should look at him.  His hemotologist also has recently stated he may have myelodysplasia - considering that if thats the case, his blood will be more thin and possibly not require all of these medications.  

Anyway, I just wanted to get an idea of how many blood pressure pills is common, or rather, how many blood pressure pills is too many to take?

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Some people need 5 BP medications to keep their BP down that is not unusual especially if he has what they call "malignant hypertension".  I know of somebody who is on 4 BP meds and still has trouble keeping the BP at a normal level, and has been switched three times so far.

If you think that he also should see a Cardiologist then you need to ask whoever runs the group home why this man has not been referred to a Cardiologist, but if his PCP would think he needs to see a Cardiologist he already would've referred him to a Cardiologist.

He was sent to see a Hemotologist which shows that his PCP is willing to send him to a Specialist.

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