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Imdur and toprol

This summer I had an incident of aching arms which I thought was related to some orthepedic shoulder issues.  During PT for this shoulder problem electro stim was used causing my hear to flip flop for about 24 hours.  Also my arms continued to ache on exercise.  My physician put me on Toprol xl 25mg lus protonix and ordered a cardiac perfusion stress tes which showed a problem.  I had a caterization which found a blocakge in a branch of the third artery overy as it was explained to me.  My ejection fraction is normal at 57(I am 66 yearsold).  I was told collateral circulation was taking over and was prescribed Imdur 30 mg and Crestor five MG daily(my cholestral is 180 ldl 70 hdl 40).  The arm pain is not as bad when walking but does still occur so I pace myself. I  have periodically some pain in the right die of my back and a lot of back pain I did not used to have.  I also experience woozy spells which occur about 2-3 hours after I take the Imdur and Toprol.  Itake this together with the prtonix in the morning.  I have also note a light headness in the past day which idi not notice before(Ihave been on toprol since 9/4 and Imdur since 9/24)  I am now in Arizona at 4600 feet elevation.  So my question is should I take the Imdur and toprol together ? and is the change in Elevation from Michigan a possible cause of the dizziness?  Also do any of these have blood sugar implications, I feel hungry sometimes.  Thank you
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