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Need Help!

I recently posted and have recieved no response... see "Confused Heart"... Does anyone know what the Vagus Nerve is?... Does anyone know if heart arrhythmia and hiatal hernia are related?

- Heart Palpatations... Oct. 2007

- Doctor.. Oct 2007.. abnormal ekg

- Heart Doctor... Oct 2007... abnormal ekg... BUT... stress test, ecko and 24 hour monitor all NORMAL... Heart Doctor said I have a happy healthy heart

- Ankles swell when sit... go back to normal when I sleep/walk...May 2008... and still, but more slightly now...all blood work is normal besides a point 3 (.3) low on hemoglobin and hetric (red blood cell things)... but my complete red blood count is normal...

- Arrhythmias... June 2008 (as we speak)... on days... off days... hours  or minutes.. it varies... since Thursday (06/12/08)... One Thursday at 4:30pm... continued non-stop until Friday night at 7:00pm.. (Doctor confirmed arrhy.and heart skipping)
... Monday at 11:00 am... again but only for about 10 minutes.... Then today (06/17/08)... from 1:00 pm and still continuing... but "lighter fluttering" now... like almost wants to end? -----> These are a different feeling then last October...  More of a "fluttering" now... Last Oct just a strong miss and beat..

Anyone Help? I appreciate any help! THANKS!

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A clear bill of health in October is great. That's not long ago. Many EKGs come out abnormal for all sorts of reasons but you have had the tests to confirm a problem or otherwise.

Ankle swelling has many other causes other than your heart. Is it warm? Not sure of your age but I think this can get worse as you age (it has with me).

Fluttering and heart skipping is nothing to worry about as you've had all the checks. Are you nearing menopause? Other hormonal stuff? Stressed?

If you get dizzy or faint then see your doctor again. Did they say what your arrhythmia was?

Good luck.
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