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Pitting edema but a normal EKG??


I hope you can help. I have iron deficient anemia (my least reading was a 5 and i am on 350mg of ferris sulfate 2x daily)The ferris sulfate is not making any improvement in my fatigue.  I am extrememly fatigued and have been for the last two years. I have sob with any physical activity. I have pitting edema in the front of my shins and a lot of water weight gain -it seems like it has settled in my abdomen and legs. I have gained about 40 lbs in the past two years. I also have several fibroid tumors but my menses is still managable. There is heart disease in my mothers side of the family and i am wondering if my symptoms could be CHF? I had an EKG done 1 year ago and it was normal.
What tests would i ask my doctor to perform if this may be chf?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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An ECG cannot diagnose CHF.  The best diagnostic test for congestive heart failure is echocardiogram coupled with Doppler flow studies.. These studies will help the Dr determine the EF% as well as
whether the heart is failing on the left side, the right side, or both.

Physicians may recommend angiography if they suspect that blockage of the arteries is contributing to heart failure. This test, unlike the Echo, is invasive.
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