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Unusual Hypertension

My wife is suffering from high blood pressure(180/110). After investigations doctor prescribed three drugs. They are Valent-H, Concor2.5mg and Lotensil 10mg. How effectve these medicines are? She is taking it for 5years now. At times Valent H is not available in medical stores. Is there alternate medicine for this? Is there any long term side effects for these drugs? She got no heart problems. Why BP goes very high?
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Do you mean that she has been taking those pills for 5 years and still have that BP?
And in 5 years they have not been changed??

If this is the case obviously they are not working with your wife.

Now let me go to your questions and some comments:

1) Valent-H is an ARA-II type of medicaments, it avoids that the Angiotensine II can be effective
2) The name of the active substance it is Valsartan plus a Diuretic called hydrochlorothiazide. You should be able to get both of them easily, either with other brand name or as generics.
3) Lotensil is an ACE-I type of medicament,  it avoids that Angiotensine II gets produced. It is uncommon to take both type of medicaments together, since both act on the same substance (Angiotensine II) by 2 different mechanism. However there are some studies (The CHARM Clinical Essay ) that suggest this use.
4) The most common side effects are tiredness (from the Beta-Bloker Concor) and cough (from Lotensil).
5) After 4-6 weeks of taking a BP medication she should have lower BP or go back to dr. to adjust / change the medication.
6) Most of the time, the high BP is for unknown reasons. Some of the known reasons are: Kidney problems, Thyroids problems, lack of Vitamin D.


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