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What medications have helped you manage and treat your arrhythmia (heart rhythm d...

...isorder)? - What medications treat arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders)?The choice and use of medications depends on the specific type of arrhythmia present. Although detailed discussion about this is beyond the scope of this article, the reader is encouraged to click onto the links to the predominant arrhythmias to determine the common medications and common surgical methods used to treat these heart beat disorders.Although some arrhythmias may require some special uses of medications (for example, IV adenosine for PSVT), most utilize various beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers to control fast rates. Although atropine may be used for a short time to speed up heart rates, usually the treatment will be a pacemaker.
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I noticed shortness of breath almost a year ago intermittently. The general physician did tests and I underwent ECG, etc. No medicines were prescribed. Five months ago, the problem became very noticeable on a daily basis. This time I went to a cardiologist and after investigative surgery was diagnosed with heart rhythm disorder i.e., missing a heartbeat. I am now on metoprolol 1/2 tablet 2 time a day, which should always be taken around the same time morning and evening. I have felt the difference when I have slipped up a couple of times. I was told to continue doing what I normally do, on a daily basis this includes high intensity cardio activity which I do 3 times a week for 1.5 hours at a time. So far fine. There has been no noticeable difference. Hoping this will continue to be the case as I would hate to give up my cardio pump (so to speak). My advice is to stay positive.
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I have pulse variation from 45-55 to 145-155 at rest/sleeping, and lately it has increased to 204 at rest/sleeping. I suffer from chest pains, numbness and shortness of breath because of the arrhythmia. ECG shows abnormality. But scans show heart ok. Veins are clear. I don't know where to go from here!
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