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bp reading off the chart and then down again...

Hi all...  last night Amber's bp was 239/117 and pulse 114... she called me and I told her to take it again... it was 92/74   this was around 8 pm... earlier in the day she had taken it (around 3:30) and it was fine, 111/82.   she hadn't been doing anything that would have caused the spike, she had been in the car with her support staff getting an ice cream cone... she said she felt fine.  we have altered her diet, no chips or junk food, and she has been walking every day for about ten minutes.  the fact that it jumps so high and then down again concerns me.  we go for an echo the end of the month...   any ideas???      thanks again,     dawn     ps  had the monitor checked with dr, it works fine
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I wonder if she's having vasospasms? Although I think there would be some chest pain with that. Any idea how long the high BP lasted? If it was just one reading, perhaps the cuff was placed incorrectly, some little bend or wrinkle. That is a very high reading.

I see you wrote that it jumps so high and then down again. Does that mean she goes through this occasionally? Hmmm. I'm glad she's going in for an echo but that means seeing a tech, not the cardio. Can you call the doctor and mention these readings? I worry about a stroke or whatever happens with such high pressure. Be sure to find out from her first if she has any other symptoms when this happens and how long does it stay that high. The doctor will probably want to know. Hugs to you both,  Irene
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