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heart and anxiety

i recently had two ecgs because i thought i was having a heart attack i have been really scared but the er doctor assured me that because i am 30 it was very unlikely unless i did drugs like cocaine but my dad died on this past fathers day of a heart attack and he was 51 my fear of having a heart attack is very high and i am not satisfied and my doctor does not want me to see a cardiologist i just do not know what to do now
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It is not unreasonable to have an echocardiogram when there is a family history of cardiac disorders.  It is not usual for a younger person to have coronary artery disease; there were young war casualities that had autopsies, and it was shown they had CAD and no symptoms.  If you are symptomatic and family history of heart disease, there should be a better understanding..
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I just can't believe that there is not information on this subject.

I used use **** on and off for a few years and I then gave it up and I am a pretty anxious person anyway but the other day I started having chest pain all the day and the next. I had a rest and too some valume but the I didn't feel any better.
So I called 911 and them they sent an ambulance round anf the guy said that chest pain and anxiety has to be checked up.
So I went to hospital and kept inside. Then the doctor said that it could be stressed and I left the hospital but further I went the chest pain got worse but the anxiety had gone.
So I got home a slept but I wasn't told whether that was heart attack or anxiety attack or a heart attack caused by heat attack or vice versa.

I wan told to see my doctor but they did all the tests, except stress test which I had done already and I can't find anything on the subject on the Internet.

Can somene help me I would be most gratefu;
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As you can see from my previous post I am pretty anxoius and disorganized in my thought which I believe to be reminiscent of untreated ADHD when I was a child becuase I have all the symptoms and I am on atntidepressants and methadone which I thought reduces the chances of heart attack.
But I can't sleep and I am always on the go and think too fast, get frustrated easily, can't concentrate and forgetful and now this worry about heart attack.
Can any one help me. I have been to so many doctors but no body knows what is wrong with me. It looks as if I am sentensed to death one way or another.
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I'm providing a link that may interst you and answer some questions you may have.
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i had palpitations but i am a very fit and healthy person
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