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heart issue or anxiety

my stats; im 26, 5'9 235lbs and 24% body fat, light smoker. ive had all in the last 3 months.. a stress ehco (normal) 24hr holter moniter (normal) ekg (normal) latest blood tests (ldl 122, total cholesterol 144, hdl 22, trigyl. 205) i know my hdl is low. ive been exercising on the elliptical 4-5 times a week for 3 weeks ive lost 15lbs and my blood pressure last checked out at 110/80. my questions are my resting heart rate is now around 64bpm (used to be around 80-90bpm resting) and its kinda freaking me out ( i check it usually 10-15 times a day) should it be this low  i dont take any beta blockers or other drugs that would lower heart rate, however i was recently prescribed vicoprofen  (7.5 hydrocodone 200mg ibuprofen) for pain i only take 1 and a half pills per day over a 12hr period, it obviously makes me a bit sleepy and i tolerated vicodine of the same hydrocodone strength just fine but it seems the 'profen makes me a bit funny possibly slowing my heart more and im afraid to go to sleep until im confident the pills have worn off. i didnt like the feeling so much that i threw the script away and just take otc ibuprofen.  could it be a new sesitivity to hydrocodone or somthing with my heart  i know that training the heart makes it beat slower but i didnt think it would take into effect this soon....i am most likely being paranoid but i just wanted to get someone elses opinion
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Heartbeat around 64 is good.  I would not worry about it being too low.  LDL should be 100 or lower and HDL should be higher.  Dark chocolate is good for raising HDL.  Also, salmon is good for HDL.  You need to concentrate on raising the HDL to prevent future heart problems.  If you cannot raise your HDL with diet, ask your doctor if he can prescribe a cholesterol medication to help raise your HDL and lower your LDL.  Most of the time when there is this difference between the LDL and HDL it is either you are eating bacon, eggs, grease or it is in the family.  Try to eat healthy and exercise.    
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