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ECG Finding

I got 'sinus bradycardia' on my initial finding (ECG) and that's the reason why I was not called up for the first batch of those who will undergo our physical fitness test. The doctor recommended letting me do a treadmill exercise test (stress test), my pre-treadmill heart rate was 61 and blood pressure was at 110/60, my peak heart rate reached 181 and it accounted for 91% of my Maximum Predicted Heart Rate, and my blood pressure peaked at 170/100, then, at the last stage of recovery my BP went back to 110/60 and my heart rate became 88.

I did 6 stages of treadmill exercise. The first one was slow, second one was a bit faster, third was fast, fourth was on the same speed but inclined, fifth stage inclined once more and the last(6th), inclined higher.

Would I be still cleared to perform physical fitness test? If I ever get the call I would be required to do atleast

15 pushups
30 situps,
3 pull-ups,
3 km run in less than 27 minutes and
100m dash for less than 18 seconds.

I just turned 22 a month ago, and I've been jogging every morning, and went to the gym (albeit not everyday), for more than 2 months already.
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What was your resting heart rate during your initial ECG?

Your stress test results (heart rate and blood pressure) seem normal, except the increasing diastolic pressure going from 60 to 100 during exercise.
Normally, diastolic pressure remains the same during exercise or even decreases (especially in people your age).

If you jog every morning, I expect it is easy for you to meet the minimum requirements of the physical fitness test?

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