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Should I continue taking the statin drug I was recently prescribed?

I am a 62 yr old man.Some years back I was on statins for about 5-7 years in a row.Then I developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet which is now moving up my legs.I do not have diabetes though it does run in my mother's side of the family (her father and sister died of diabetes).My A1C level is around 5.6 though my sugar level is around 113. I find the neuropathy very annoying.When I read about statins, I stopped taking them..a few years ago.I recently saw another doctor to check my blood pressure which has been elevated.She prescribed hydrochlorothiazide..and guess what...a Lipitor statin generic. Though afraid to take the statin, I took it for the past 2 weeks and guess what?..I've noticed the numbness in my feet/legs getting worse. I am thinking of dropping it again. I have read some doctors call statins poison..on the internet. Is what they say believable? When I ask my doctor about things like this..I get no response. What should I do? Should I stop taking them again? Thanks.
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I assume your doctor described the statins for elevated cholesterol levels in your blood? Otherwise it makes no sense to me.
If the measured levels in your blood are elevated, it might be a good idea to take the statins to avoid the clotting of your arteries.

2 weeks is very short to adapt to the medication. I would at least take them for another 2-3 weeks.
If by then the symptoms are still there, you could stop taking statins for a while to see if your symptoms disappear, to be sure they are from the statins.

After that you could try an other statin. There are several different statins, with different side-effects.
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