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innocent heart murmor advice

hi my daughter was born with an innocent heart murmor and was just wondering if there was any ting i could do to help or to assit it in dissapearing? heart murmors run in my partners family her brother and father have them but the doctors told us not to worry about it and it should dissapear in time but is there anything we can do to help? should we ensure she gets lots of excercise? or avoid fatty foods etc?
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As far as I know, you can't do anything to "help", but then there is also no reason for help either.

Heart murmurs are abnormal heart sounds produced when blood flows across one of the heart valves. They can be heard with a stethoscope.

Innocent murmurs are common in children and are quite harmless. In any group of children, a large percentage is likely to have had one at some time. Innocent murmurs also may disappear and then reappear. Most innocent murmurs disappear when a child reaches adulthood, but some adults still have them.

Sometimes, when a doctor first hears the murmur through a stethoscope, he or she may want to have other tests done to be sure the murmur is innocent. After that, there's no need for a cardiac reevaluation unless the patient or doctor has more questions. The child doesn't need medication, won't have cardiac symptoms, and doesn't have a heart problem or heart disease. A parent doesn't need to pamper the child or restrict his or her diet or activities. The child can be as active as any other normal, healthy child.
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