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Tachycardia when there is gas in my stomach

I am a 29 years old male and whenever there is too much gas in my stomach, my heart rate goes up to 180-190 or sometimes over 200. This also happens when I jump from a place, sleep on my face or whenever I have a digestion problem. Farting, belching, kneeling down, drinking mineral water and sometimes vomiting help and slow down my heart. I went to a cardiologist and he diagnosed me with tachycardia. He didn't pay attention when I was telling him about my gas problem and he didn't give me any advice. What should I do and how can I avoid tachycardia?

This discussion is related to arythmias  from stress and smoking at 31.
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Sounds like a HR of 200 is not uncommon.  If that's the case I'd expect the doctor to prescribe some medication, my thinking a Beta Blocker.   I suggest talking with your doctor about doing something.  Most of us can take short periods of a resting HR over 100, but up in the neighborhood of 200, I'd say no, it needs treatment.
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Hey, hows the stomach?

I get high heartrate too after eating. (110-120 at rest)
If i move after eating, the heart rate goes so high it becomes very uncomfortable
to even walk. (160 during walk)

I know "Umeboshi" works against bloated stomache,
but i haven't been able to afford any. Don't underestimate the stuff,
it really works and u need very little. A half of such a berry or perhaps even just a tiny slice,
will be enough. A macrobiotic cook once prepared it for me as a medicine.

Also, i want to know the cause of my problem.
I will try to find and treat the cause.

I know using umeboshi and having several small meals, instead of 3 big meals,
will help. Chewing really well will help too. But i'm not sure if it will be enough to allow
the cause of the problem to heal. It depends on what it is.

In my case, i'm thinking of an irritated stomache or perhaps even a hiatal hernia.
Do you have a diagnosis yet?
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My stomach is alot better after I started drinking mineral water and walking 20 mins after the meals. Thanks for asking. Another cardiologist said the same things that you wrote. He told me to have small meals instead of filling up the stomach and also write down all the food that produce gas in my stomach. And also chew very well. That way you can avoid the gas. Black and red pepper, heavy oils, beans, garlic and onions make me very bad. I dont eat them anymore. What I have figured out is that this is not a heart problem, this is more like a stomach problem. When there is no food in my stomach, I dont have this problem. I can even run for many kilometers. I will visit a gastroenterologist soon and will let you know what he says
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I have had this problem for decades. PVCs, hypertension, tacycardia, skipped beats and lightheadedness. It took me ages to relate it to GI and gas. It happens mainly after eating and is instantly relieved by belching. After years of researching everything from vagus nerve tone to PH and the likes, i came accross a known syndrome that im surprised doctors dont even know about. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roemheld_syndrome
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I have the Same thing!  Sometimes I have to rock back and forth and push the food down towards the lower stomach,  and then when I burp, the heart snaps back into normal rhythm.  I hate this and last night it happened from eating a raw green onion.  NEVER again will I eat raw onion or garlic, catsup will also cause this to happen.  It goes up around 160 bpm and only maylox will stop it.
It is from ACID or being too full.
Last night it lasted for 45 minutes.
I had to splash my face with ICE cold water to get it to stop.
I was exhausted and it upset my stomach even worse.
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I've been suffering from the same issue of palpitations due gas from 3 years after losing hope on doctors i started to live with it without taking anxiety drugs which they used to prescribe but last week i was diagnosed with VITAMIN b12 deficiency and doctor said that vitamin is impotent for vagus nerve to function properly
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I've been suffering from the same issue of palpitations due gas from 3 years after losing hope on doctors i started to live with it without taking anxiety drugs which they used to prescribe but last week i was diagnosed with VITAMIN b12 deficiency and doctor said that vitamin is impotent for vagus nerve to function properly. i suspected him at the beginning but he got it right now i can eat anything and don't get palpitations at all so people who have such problem first get your vitamin B12 and total vitamin D tests.these tests are a bit costly but nothing is costlier than our health.i started a new life i wish everyone with such problem also can.
Hi there,
My name is Lee.  I have the exact same issues you have.  Are you still doing well on the D and Vit. B-12?  Have you added anything else to help?  I really appreciate your help.  Please can you email me back at ***@****?
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My heart rate increases and I'm more likely to get palpitations after eating. Gas seems to make my symptoms worse too. But 180+ seems kind of high. You may want to get a second opinion from another cardiologist.

Have you seen a gastroenterologist about this? They may be able to find the cause of the gas and treat it. Have you been tested for SIBO and celiac? Your symptoms may be related to vagus nerve irritation.
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I do have the problem like this ..... my age is 19...... when there is enough gas in my stomach  my herat rate goes up 90-110..... but it occurs only some times in  three years i got this problem 3-4 times....... but this confuses me whether i had chronic gastitis or i have been suffering from any cardilogical disease....... please suggest me..... i think its may be GERD///
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My father has the same problem u described, we also consulted cardiologist , but he is not ready to accept the fact that this problem occurs when our stomach is upset, we are also finding a permant solution for this problem.
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I have this and it is ALWAYS when my stomach is irritated from acid or rough foods.
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I know this thread is old, but I've had a lot of the same symptoms, it took me a while but I was recently diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S). This explains the relationship between the gastrointestinal and cardiac symptoms. I, however, experience HYPERtension instead of the common HYPOtension associated with POTS... I've also never fainted which is a hallmark sign of POTS. Hopefully, this helps someone in the future who comes across this thread.
what can we do about this?  I still have it after eating when my stomach is raw.
Unfortunately, POTS doesn't have a definitive treatment but doctors are using a beta blocker and PPIs to treat me. I am still sick even with these meds, but I have seen some improvement. We are also investigating whether POTS is secondary to another illness or disease, if it is, we can better treat the symptoms. Big meals are one of the many triggers of my symptoms. You should see a cardiologist to get a diagnosis, but not every doctor has a comprehensive understanding of POTS, so try to find a doctor with experience treating Dysautonomia/POTS.
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