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Follow up blood work

3 months post treatment with tele STILL UNDECTABLE woot woot all liver functions normal ya baby that year of hell was worth it lol

anyway, just wondering, is this it or should i continue to get tested every few months or once a year or what?  dr did not say they just left msg to tell me the good news... i was undectable since week 2 over a year ago so it worked immediately for me...did a full year because of previous failed treatment...

to anyone out there wondering if they should treat or not with the triple therapy... DO IT !!!!!!!!!!  you can always stop if it is not working

hang in there all my fellow hepper's... :)
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If I recall correctly being und at three months post means you're about 95% sure of being SVR, which would be proven at 6 months post tx.

Congrats ! It does indeed sound to me like you've already passed the finish line.
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First, Congratulations! Your chances for SVR are now 99.7%.

You still need a 24 week post EOT test to know for sure that you have attained SVR (cure).

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Congrats on your 12 weeks   EOT  PCR

The above    "Your chances for SVR are now 99.7%".

could be construed as an opinionwithout data included

By willbb; Jun 21, 2012

UND. at week 12 EOT is an excellent predictor of SVR.
Go to the 16th and 17th slide  below..


or this.....

..ttp://www.colloquium.eu/congres/11PHC/presentation/Monday_Amphi_bleu/A_ALBERTI.pdf     (4th slide) .

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Congrats PJ!!!!!!!  Sounds very encouraging

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Great and always good to hear about SVR or darn close.  

Took shot 45 last Friday (triple w/incivek).  My dr does a viral load 1 week after stopping all drugs, then 90 and 180.  The 1 week post is more motivational, but looking forward to it.
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"The above    "Your chances for SVR are now 99.7%". "

Does that apply also to a G3 who did SOC ?

And congrats to the OP on your UND !!
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From willbb:  "The above    "Your chances for SVR are now 99.7%".

could be construed as an opinionwithout data included"

True. I did not include the link to the data. But you know as well as I do that 99.7 % is the figure given. You have given that figure of 99.7% yourself, many times, and so have I given that number many times. In fact, I first read it in one of your posts/responses. Then I looked it up and confirmed that the number was/is correct. 99.7%.

So, even though you have stated this exact SVR figure multiple times, you are now going to question it when I state it, (and you are not going to question anyone else' figures as "an opinion without data included"). I find this very interesting .....

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Just so you know, the number/percentage is 99.7%. I don't post inaccurate facts. So you are well on your way to SVR. This is truly fabulous news. Best of wishes.
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Hi Danny..
This is irrespective of what therapy is done .Actually these statistics were calculated when the treatment was SOC.(.See 4th slide below)

best to you.....


..http://www.colloquium.eu/congres/11PHC/presentation/Monday_Amphi_bleu/A_ALBERTI.pdf     (4th slide) .
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Oct 27, 2012
Heres a post from Will awhile back,

Congratulations on the 12 week Post PCR. Actually it means you have a 99.7 % chance of overall success given the most recent data,(I have linked this info below ..go to the 4th slide)

Best to you..

Kwo felt I was good to go being I was und at 3 months but being cirrhotic our fingers were crossed until I made the 6 month mark.


Oct 29, 2012
To: y
As you can see from the post I put up awhile back that cando was good enough to copy your chances are excellent.

Best of luck ...


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I appreciate the re-post showing I always like to post stats with data included.
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my pleasure
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(and you are not going to question anyone else' figures as "an opinion without data included").

I may if I see one

I find this very interesting .....
I always like it when my posts are considered "interesting"
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Sorry..I personally did not mean to hijack your very important announcement

best to you ..Good to see you again with this news !

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Awesome news!!!  Great to hear everything is looking very favorable for you and hope to hear you nailed it the 2nd round.  Looking forward to your SVR post in another 3 months.  Enjoy!
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" Actually it means you have a 99.7 % chance of overall success given the most recent data"

The 99.7% was what I was referring to which Pooh stated above and your welcome again. I didn't realize this was the Hep C Fact Sheet Forum where every post must accompany the appropriate link.

As for some I understand this is needed  because some tend to post whatever comes to their minds first.  But knowing Pooh is a walking encyclopedia I tend to believe her numbers and stats when she posts them.
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Good stuff..Thanx
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Great news!  Won't be long now!
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Woot woot :)
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