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Herpes and job medical test

I had a sex with a girl exactly five months ago. Few months ago some one told me that she had a herpes. While sex I didn't saw any sores. I not have any kind of symptoms so far. Is there any chance that I am infected? I ask her and she said her friend is lying. I can't trust her.

Two months after I got all my std nd hiv tested nd all reports were negetive.
I am in canada.

I read a lot about herpes some people says sometime symptoms doesn't show up for long time. Is there any chance that I should be worried.

If I get it is it life threatening ? Is my sex life is ruined if I get it?

Does Canada immigration people disqualify the candidate if he or she has herpes ?

Does you fail your job medical test if some one has it?

Please help me I am very tensed?

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Hi, the best wait test for herpes is 3 months post exposure but if you tested negative after 2 months, pretty good chance you dont have it. It would have been good if your herpes test was an igG herpes select type specific as that would have show even a false positive value. Getting tested with a negative positive reading only may not be convincing at 2 months. I say may.

Contracting herpes from a one time affair where no sore was present also leads to a very low chance you contracted it.
If your really tensed to know your status, test now and this will put your concerns to rest for sure.
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Is it life threatening ,if I got it? Could it stop me to be immigrant in Canada and getting good job?
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Is it life threatening ,if I got it? Could it stop me to be immigrant in Canada and getting good job?
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Its not life threatening and im not sure about canada. get tested if you concerned
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Ok thank you very much.
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