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My girl friend just informedme that she has a form of high risk HPV(she has only had one outbreak of warts when she first got infected two years ago) . we have not had intercourese or exchanged any bodily fluids other then kissing. I wanted to  know the risks of all types of physical contact ( mutual masterbation and oral stimulation). and if there are things I should just completly avoid and exactly what the risk is to me.

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ur girlfriend is misinformed....high risk goes on cervix...low risk is the warts.what u r describing in tems of sexual contact does not spread the virus and if she hasn't shown warts in 2 years and u've been with her in two years an dhaven't gotten any then it is apparent she no longer has warts and got them cleared up.what did she tell u about her medical treatment for these?Aldara?or did they go away on their own?
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