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How to test for all infections???

Hi i have pain in my scrotum and pelvic area and i know i have some bactiria and want to get tested FOR EVERYTHING but dont know where to go

I allready got tested for the basic stds like gc,ngu,syphillis,hsv,hiv and everything is clean

I need to get tested for urplasma,giadra,orchits,pid,epidaytes,complete cbc, and things like that

How can i get tested for everything so i can rule out a bactiria??

If anyone can help would be great been in pain for 2 months plz and ty
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There is no test to test for Everything per se. But if you want to rule out a problem with the genital area then you can get most of that done. You already have a very good start for STD's. So you also need Trichomonas, and ureaplasma, Mycoplasma genitalium and parasistes Giardia, get a stool test for ova and parasites. Also, a urine culture to test for bacteria in the urinary tract a stool culture for pathogenic bacteria in the stool or feces. Yes get a complete blood count. Any doctor or laboratory can do most of these things except the ureaplasma and mycoplasma is a PCR test and you would have to find out what lab in your area does this and the doctor can send it there.

What symptoms do you have besides pain? do you have diarrhea? Cramps? Any fever , swollen lymph nodes in the groin or neck etc. How high is the fever and it is all the time? Did you eat out or in another country ? Did you get bitten by any insects? Where are you from? Did you swim in fresh water or walk barefoot on a beach . These things can help. You can also get an ultrasound of the pelvic area too.
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p.s. any lumps in the scrotum or weight loss?
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