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Kidney Stone complications

     My mother has polycystic kidney and liver syndrome, only discovered in her 74th year, inadvertantly during an x-ray of her chest.  I know this is hereditary. (Just back ground info)
      I had kidney stones about 12 yrs ago, bi-lat., passed with fluid, after getting stuck in the ureter, inflated both kidneys.  Calcium oxalate stones.  
      I have occasional kidney stones since then.  They seem to pass.  What complications from kidney stones would someone expect from this or kidney stones in gereral?

   I stopped all supplements except glucosamine/condroitin, super B, fish oil and vit D.   ( I am 52 yrs, exercise, good weight and had a total thyroidectomy sub clinical hyper, also UC proctitis)   Thanks  
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Kidney stones rarely lead to complications like kidney failure.

The most important detail in your comment is that you have ulcreative colitis.  Any diarrheal disease is a significant risk factor for stones and you should be evaluated with a 24 hour urine collection while on your usual diet to see what elements of your urine chemistry are abnormal so you can be given specific dietary advice or even medication.
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