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menopause or perimenpause

I am 48 years old and I had an endometrial ablation 18 months age for heavy bleeding and endometrial fibroids. I have had no monthly bleeding since the sugery. Lately, I have been having extreme irritability,  fatigue,  memory problems, night sweats, but I have not experienced any hot flashes. I recently had a physical, and all my labs came back normal . I have hashimotos thyroiditis and my TSH was 3.05 , I usually run around 2.5. I have  very well controlled hypertension. My question is with no cyclical bleeding for over a year, am I considered to be post menopausal ? I still have monthly breast tenderness and irritability (some month's worst than others), but if I am not post menopausal according to the definition, then how will I know when the time comes. I am considering some natural treatments because the night sweats and te irritability are affecting my quality of life. Thanks.
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Your periods could be affected by your thyroid and that is why you are having problems that's quite common. I am undergoing a premature meno and am in the final year with no periods, but my bloods have been showing meno for 3 yrs and are now sky high at the end. However, although you say your bloods are normal, your symptoms do sound very menopausal, have you had your FSH taken with the other bloods? If not then get it done as this test is crucial to confirming if you are starting the meno, in the middle or even post meno. I've just mentionned this next bit on someone's elses post too, but you can now buy a home meno testing kit online. Just do a search form home menopause kit and it'll come up with loads of places to buy it. It's very reliable and cheap to buy, and you test your urine like as in a pregnancy test. And it shows the level of your FSH whether you're in meno or not. You could test it a few times every week or month or so and see whether you are indeed moving into meno.
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