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Answer please

I was in the shower one day back in April  and my dog came over and sniffed then licked my penis after about 3 weeks a spot came up and have been coming ever since. I looked it up and I thought it could of been a penile fungus disease? Please help how long will this last and where do I get treatment
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Probably it didn't come from the dog.

If you decide to see a doctor about the spot, you should not assume that the lick did anything. You're likely doing the "flashlight effect," where a person assumes one thing is caused by another merely because that other thing was unusual. The timing seems too far apart, and people get spots on their private parts for other reasons, and dogs have clean mouths.
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Ok thanks but like I’ve had these for months now and I never had sex or oral sex
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Despite the fact that this is on your penis, nothing suggests it is an STD, it is simply a spot on your skin. See a dermatologist.
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