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groing swelling, testicle pain

i am not the patient. One of my friend is having problem with his male organ. He is going through pain in his right testicle and he mentioned about the swelling of a vein just under the appendix area which is reckon is groin area leading to testicle.
The thing started about 8 months ago after consuming ustilago maydis drops for about few months. He was recommended by the homeopathic doctor those drops to reduce the nightfall. after few months he started having issue with his kidney, which then suspected by the doctor that there could be kidney stones which is causing problem. Doctor prescribed the medicine to break kidney stones and pass them through urine.
Now, my friend is having issues with his male reproductive organ, he said, his organ is not properly working, just using it to pass urine, other than that he does not feel anything except the pain in testicles.

any guidance would be appreciated
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He should get an exam from his regular MD or a urologist, or both. Kidney stones should be ruled out (if the medication he was given to break them up and pass them through the urine didn't work, he still has them) and also some kind of torsion. Good luck to him.
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If the ustilago is in fact used in homeopathic form there's no active ingredients in it.  It's either a placebo or it works by energetics, depending on who you want to believe.  If the ustilago is some other form, I wouldn't understand using it, as it's a corn disease, so I'm going to guess a homeopath would be using a homeopathic remedy, which is a dilution that is so diluted there's nothing but the energy of the original item left in it.  Your friend should, of course, as recommended above, stop using it, as it not only clearly hasn't worked but if that's the only problem your friend had it didn't need any treatment to begin with.  As to the pain, if he has kidney stones, they hurt, and they can hurt all over.  
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So first, "nightfall" is a completely natural and normal thing to happen. It's called nocturnal emission, and are not harmful to you.



I think your friend needs to see a medical doctor - not a homeopathic one - and get an exam. If he is still taking the ustilago maydis, he should stop. What he's experiencing may be a side effect of it.

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