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Constant Headache

I have had a headahce for almost 3 months now 24/7.  It has not gone away.  I have seen a neurologist who by looking at a list of medications that I gave him, diagnosed me with MOH, told me stop taking all medications, cut back on cafine and prescribed me with Topamax.  Prior to the onset of the the headaches, I was taking Hydrocodone (10/500) a couple of times a week for my neck, Chantix and Allie.  A few weeks after the headaches started, I started taking Tylenol, Advil and Excederine to try and get rid of the headaches to no advail.  All of these were listed on the paper that the neurologist's office mailed to me to fill out.  They asked for all medications that I was taking at the time.  I feel that his diagnosis is incorrect and I am worried that I have something else since my headache has not dimished.  I did have an MRI which showed nothing.  My sleeping for the past 3 months has been terrible.  I only get a couple of hours of sleep a night.  I went and saw another doctor who gave me some sleeping pills which have helped, but sleep is still erratic and put me on amoxicillin since my headache generates in the center of my forhead.  He thought it could be my sinus's.  I have been on it for a week now and nothing has changed.  I need some help.  I am very depressed and worried.
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Hi Debbie, I can tell u r very frustrated not knowing what is causing ur headaches. I can relate, it took yrs for me to get a dx. If u know what is not causing ur headaches, then go back to ur dr and request an MRI w/wo contrat to put ur mind at ease......the sooner u know what it is or is not the better u will feel.

Good luck
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Thanks for your comment, but I was sleeping well and wasn't depressed or stressed until after I started getting the headaches.  I have had the xrays and they have come up with nothing and that is what is worrying me.  I am not having rebound headaches!!!!!!  So please stop saying this.  This is something new and I am scared to death.  So thank you for your help
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Thanks for posting.
Lack of sleep, stress and depression can result in constant headaches. Please try and sleep well. You can take the sleep aid that your doctor has prescribed. Eat your meals on time, do some form of physical exercise daily, drink plenty of water and try to keep yourself busy.
Taking too many pain killers can result in rebound headaches. You can also discuss the possibility of getting an X ray of head done to make a definite diagnosis of sinusitis.
Good luck!
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