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Severe headache and neck pain

For past 1 week I' am having this weird headache.
Currently, my Doctor(ENT specialist) has finished treating me for my sinus and she has put me on mild antibiotics and some painkillers.

I have the following symptoms.

"The pain radiates from the bottom of my skull up to the back of my head, over the top and stops under my eye sockets. I have severe muscle tension in my neck and upper shoulders because of it. It is very severe sitting down, at times more tolerable standing and goes away completely when I lay down. "
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I'm very sorry to hear that!  I have had headaches and muscle aches in my neck and head like you describe after a car accident.  It was brutal.  And I found for many years, that any type of stress flair or when I was tired, would trigger the pain again.  Ugh.  I saw a lot of different people for it.  The physical therapist was helpful with stretches that will relax those neck muscles.  Dropping the chin to chest and moving it to the right and left, head side to side, etc.  He told me to go ahead and dose with ibuprofen which I was reluctant to do as I was nursing my baby at the time.  But he pointed out that the anti inflammatory affect of ibuprofen would reduce the swelling within and pain.  This would help me not over compensate and hold my head funny would only add to the problem  He also taught me to put an ice pack on the head area especially where it was throbbing for relief.  Doesn't feel great at the time but DID help overall.  But what I found the most helpful was medical massage.  They just worked on my neck and head. He even gave a face massage to help with my sinuses.  It releases all the little muscles and such.  Not sure if this would help.  The tension part, it certainly would.  My husband has a sinus issue which has only flared once in our marriage but it was 6 months of utter discomfort and pain for him.  He is not a candidate for surgery for his sinuses do to a weird phenomenon of missing a bone and not having barrier between his sinus and brain in a small space.  Too risky for surgery.  Anyway, he did ibuprofen, rest and nasal lavage.  Finally it cleared.  I'm not sure if any of this will help you but I hope so.  Get plenty of sleep too.  I sometimes would take a soft tennis ball and put it under my head and neck and roll on it to get a little relief too.  good luck
Thanks for your kind words and support. Based on my research it looks like CSF leak. Trying to get an appointment with a Neurologist.
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