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Very bright dot of light lasting 30 secs or so.

For the past 4 days or so I'm occasionally seeing this very bright dot of light maybe near the centre of my vision of my left eye (once or twice a day, maybe right eye too but less noticeable). Lasts maybe 30 secs and as if I looked at something very bright and it's an afterimage. But I haven't looked at anything bright.

Should also mention I suffer from "silent migraines" and had 7 in past month (normally occur about once every 6 months or so). They're very different though lasting 30 mins with scintillating scotoma. Not a 30 sec after-image light thing. But there might be a connection I suppose.

What could it be? Anything to worry about? I'll wait until the next one occurs and see if it really is happening in both eyes.
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On rare occasions, I've had migraines be preceded by a white dot in the middle of my vision that then expands and has polarized edges. By rare, I mean it has happened only a couple times in the past 10 years. Have you ever had such a striking uptick in the frequency of your migraines? If that's not part of your long-term migraine history, I think I'd want to see a doctor, and especially if there are new symptoms you've not had before. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about, but better to be safe!

All the best,
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Well, it's definitely not safe to see a doctor or anyone at the moment with this virus.  Especially this new variant (I live in the UK).  In 3 months time might be OK.

I have a feeling that this "after-image" might only be triggered by looking at either my monitor or TV, but I don't know yet.  No further episodes since I wrote the above.  Probably not a migraine, I thought I'd just mention the possibility.

In Feb 2019 I got this white arc in my vision with movement of my left eye against a light background (like a clear blue sky).  Now it's a ring, albeit considerably fainter.  I got a pupil dilation test at that time that precipitated another problem ever since, namely getting this occasional pixelated vision, but which is barely noticeable now.   Anyway, this was all almost 2 years ago so very doubtful there's any connection.

I'll go (with trepidation!) to the doctor or optometrist if it gets any worse.

In some places, it's possible to discuss symptoms with a doctor through a video or phone session. It might be worth considering if the symptoms persist, if anything, just to get the feedback of an MD.

Hoping the symptoms go away!

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