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headache right side and behind eye

My 17 year old daughter has, not every day, but very often a terrible pain (headache on her left side and behind eye... the pressure behind eye is not always there with her left side headache.... she has to stay in bed for a day when she has this.... I don't think it is migraines since the light is not really bothering her....  she is really worried about a tumor? which I am sure it is not....  Unfortunately I don't have insurance what can this be and where does it come from...
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How is your daughter? If there was no history of trauma to her head, this could be due to primary headaches such as migraine, cluster or tension headaches. It is also important to rule out that there is no eye problem involved. Cluster headaches usually present with pain in vicinity of eye. Other associated symptoms include tearing of eye, nose congestion, or flushing of face. Attacks occur every day for weeks/month, then disappear for up to a year. To rule out brain tumor, which presents with progressive pain with vomiting and visual disturbances, CT scan is usually done. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you very much for your reply.....
that really helps....  she is fine today, it can stay away for a week and then all of a sudden she has it again.... very strange.... but no, she is not vomiting or has eye tearing....
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It is good to hear that she is fine today. It will also help if you have a headache journal to keep track of the possible triggers of her headache. There is a headache tracker here in Medhelp that may help. You write everything she does prior to her headache, the food she eats and all activities. Through this, we may also find a pattern or trigger so that she can avoid them in the future. Sometimes, migraine also is not associated with light sensitivities. Migraines present with one sided pounding headaches.  So, it is important  to know also the character of headache. Take care always.
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