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fish oil

is it any effect of fish oil on bload preasure of pragnent woman.
please send me all benifits of fish oil for pragnant woman.
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We posted a thread about all supplements that are beneficial during pregnancy and fish is one that i have done a lot of research on! I have a stepson that ADHD and knew that fish oil helped with that. I also wanted to know how fish oil would affect me taking while pregnant as i knew that it was a great benifit for myself also. In fact everyone should take fish oil as it is the best brain food!

I can say in all my research that there is no avers affects on taking it unless you take a brand that is not purified and then you run the risk of Mercury poising.

here is a link to that thread  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/670579?personal_page_id=218012&post_id=post_3607959

I will say that taking fish oil is not only good for a pregnant woman but also for her baby that is growing inside her.

Omega 3 During Pregnancy
In the past decade or so, the importance of Omega 3 during pregnancy has been acknowledged. It is now known that Omega 3 actually plays a large role in the development and growth of your baby when it is in your uterus. Omega 3 helps to:

    * build the brain
    * form the retinas
    * develop the nervous system

Omega 3 is also necessary for your own pregnancy health and well being. Omega 3 helps to:

    * reduce your chances of developing preeclampsia
    * reduce your risk for postpartum depression
    * minimize the chance of preterm labor.

Omega 3 Deficiency During Pregnancy
Having an Omega 3 deficiency while you are pregnant can prove very harmful to you and your baby. Your baby takes Omega 3 from the foods that you eat. The nutrients cross the placenta, helping your baby to grow and develop. However, if your baby does not get enough Omega-3 from the food you eat, he will begin to take it from your own stores. Researchers believe that these stores may be located in the brain, which can result in a loss of up to 3% of your brain cells. Omega 3 deficiency during pregnancy is linked with:

The Future Benefits of Omega 3
Taking Omega 3 during pregnancy has also been proven to help you and your baby out in the long run. Recent studies were performed on infants who were exposed to adequate levels of Omega 3 while in the womb. These babies showed advanced attention spans and greater visual acuity than non-exposed children. Their development was also two months ahead of non-exposed children. Other Omega 3 benefits include:

During pregnancy, it is recommended that you get at least 250 mg of Omega 3 every day. However, Omega 3 oils are especially important during the final trimester. It is during this time that your baby uses Omega-3 to form approximately 70% of her brain system. She is also working on the rest of her nervous system.

Good Omega 3 Sources
Omega 3 is best found in fish and fish oil products. High levels of Omega 3 are found in:

    * oily fish, like mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, salmon, and pilchards
    * Omega 3 fish oil supplements
    * fresh or frozen tuna

Omega-3 supplements are available but check to make sure that your supplements are not made from fish livers. The liver can contain high amounts of retinol vitamin A, which has been linked to birth defects. Omega-3 supplements not derived from fish livers but rather from the body of the fish are less likely to contain this type of vitamin A. If you would prefer to err on the side of caution, you can always look for supplements that are made specifically for pregnant women.

hope this helps!
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