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Ovarian cyst pain

Does anyone get radiating pain from ovarian cyst. I had pain wher my ovary was and it also radiated up higher. I thought something was wrong with me but had a ct scan and all they found was a 4.5cm x 4.5cm cyst on ovary. The doctor says pain radiates. Who else gets pain in other areas around the ovaries. I keep freaking out.
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The pain from cyst most definitely radiates and it can change from day to day.  Mine would radiate up and sometimes to other side, to my back and sometimes down into my groin causing me to limp.  Has he told you what kind of cyst it is?  What is his game plan?  I hope he has given you something to help with the pain too.  Please keep us posted.
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Thanks for the post. I am on oxycodone, but I hate taking that stuff. Makes me all messed up.  I am known for getting cysts. Mine are functional. Had a U/S done and what happens with me is they build up and then shrink down. I will be good a few cycles and then they start to build again.
My pain can radiate up close just below rib cage and around my back, down my groin. all over. Even my other side can hurt. My period is due tomorrow so they have been really bad this week.
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Mine came and stayed but when I was about to get my period the pain was excrutiating.  I had surgery to remove a simple fluid filled cyst that was grapefruit sized and my right ovary and tube 3 weeks ago.  I was on percocet (oxycodone) for about a month before and since.  I just came off and the withdrawal was quite nasty.  But, it did definitely help with the pain when I needed it.  What does your doctor advise?  Are you a candidate for surgery?   Does the pill help at all?
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My doctor doesn't want me to have surgery and frankly neither do I. Since I do get them bad every few cycles we just check with U/S to see the size. Mine normally don't go past 6mm but things can change. I can not take the pill I have always gotten sick on them no matter what brand I try. What stinks is I also get kidney stones and they can mimic the pain of cysts too. Sometimes it can be very painful. I try not to take the oxycodone all the time. I just hate the stuff.
Thanks again for all your help I appreciate it.
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Why does your doctor not want to do surgery? Is it because they usually shrink? It is too bad that you cannot take the pill for this.  I am not sure what advice to give you as, surgery or the pill seems to be the most logical things to do. What does your doctor say? Just live with the pain and take pain pills? It can't be good to be on pain pills all the time though, right? I don't really know, as I have only had to take them for specific time periods.  Hoping you feel better soon!
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I too have radiating pain from my cysts.  Sometimes it hurts in my lower back, or up under my ribs, sometimes the pain shoots down my let or is in my hip, or even feels like labor pains.  All of these are very nromal with cysts.  I too am kinda surprised that your doctor does not want to surgically remove your cysts.  The only other thing I can think of that MIGHT help is the Lupron shot, and I would never take that.  For me, there were too many scary side effects.  I hope you can figure out something, as you should not have to live in pain like that.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.  Hope  you feel better soon.

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The reason my doctor doesnt want to remove them is they always go away. They get to a certain size cause me the pain then they do a U/S to check on them and they are gone. They are functional cysts. I always get them so he figures why keep having surgery.  I get sick on birth control. I only take oxycodone if the pain gets really bad so right around my period. I have had a few good months without any problems.(7 months). So I am okay with my doctor not wanting to do the surgery if they are only going to come back again. Thanks everyone for all your posts. I do feel better knowing pain can radiate up under ribs.
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Before I had surgery I had a lot of pain in my upper abdomen and under the ribs.  I went to a massage therapist who was trained in dealing with scar tissue.  She worked on that area and after two treatments I was amazed at the reduction of pain and the swelling in that area went down.  It never came back to that area.  It's something that might be worth a try for you.  Good luck.
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I am new to this page and new to the cyst problem. I just was diagnosed with 2 simple and 1 complex cyst.  I have been prescribed prometrium for 10 days and they have another U/S after the withdrawl bleed.  I am learning that what I thought was major back pain may also be from the cysts.  Does anyone have any experience with this type of treatment?
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