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Back from my PMP appt.

It went ok I guess, I really need some input from you guys. I really don't know what to do or think.
He came in and asked me how I was doing, I said not very well and left it at that (sandee lol) He said what meds are you on I said none. He said how long you been off of them I said 4 weeks. He asked me why I didn't want the morphine that the back up dr wanted to give me I told him I am scared to be on hard stuff since I will be living with this pain for maybe the rest of my life, he said why cause of what happen the last time you was on it? I said yes but Im afraid I will get use to the meds if I start out with the hard stuff. He said "I am the dr I will treat you the way I feel is best and if I do put you on the hard stuff as you call it and you need to get off of it I will slowly take you off of it so you won't have any problems" I said I am willing to do anything that you want me to do. he said ok I am starting you off on the hard stuff, I am putting you on methadone, you take 2 a day for the first week and then 3 day day after that. I was like crap but I didn't say anything. I will do anything he tells me to I will try it. I said can I please get a nerve block??? I asked him 2 times first time he ignored me the 2nd time he said "Im not sure about the nerve block right now, I don't think it is a good idea but I will talk to the dr that does them and see what he thinks but right now no you can't get one, I don't want this pain worse and your in alot of pain right now"
Ok so he tells me to try the methadone for a week and if the side effects are to bad to call them but i won't do that. He also said he will see me again in 4 weeks. hum ok I got my appt that the guy made and I go back on Aug 9th that is what karen said only 2 1/2 weeks so I will stay on it til I see him again.
He also told me if I don't do will with the methadone that he will start the morphine and I really dont want to be on that anymore then the methadone. Any thought from you guys would be great. I am let down from the appt cause I don't want to be on this hard stuff at all but I have to stay with this dr and I have no choice but to do what he says.
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Hi Jamie. Hmmm.  I have personally read that methadone can be more effective than other narcotics for nerve pain. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Well, I'm happy that he gave you medication. I'm also happy that he doesn't want you to jump to get a nerve block. To me, it really sounds like he has your best interest in mind. I'm kind of surprised that he doesn't want to start you off on a short acting medication, but maybe he thinks that they won't be effective enough for your pain because it is so severe.

I'm sorry that you're not thrilled about the appointment, but give the methadone a try, and see how it works for your pain.

I would also journal every day...a pain journal I mean. They do have them online. I can find a link if you want me to. The ones I have seen are very basic, but seem to be a good visual aid for doctors.

Well, thank God that it's over with, right? See how you feel! Maybe the methadone will help your pain! I hope and pray that it gives you some relief.

Also, didn't you have a bad reaction to morphine before? Maybe he will start you off on a lower dose if you can't handle the methadone. Honestly, I wouldn't even look that far ahead...one day a time, right? It seems like he is really very willing to work with you, which in my opinion is a huge deal!!!


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One more thing...when you say that you don't know what to do, what do you mean by that?
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I am glad he is working with me. The thing about the methadone it will take awhile to kick in. He said it is good for face pain so we will see. I just took one and I did eat alittle before(sherry) and it is starting to make me sick. I will look into a pain journal. I tried to give him my cd of my bone scan but he said he has the results from them on paper so he don't need it. I was on a morphine that also has a med in that makes you not get addicted to it, I was only on it for 2 weeks when my nerve dr told me to stop them and trash them so that is what I did, I ended up in the ER with severe withdrawls so that med that is in it don't work. The pills period didnt help with the pain either.
Thanks alot
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I meant like I said before I hate to be on the hard stuff, you would think a dr would love to hear that but this one didn't. I don't know what to do cause I have no choice but to take the hard stuff. I don't want to take the hard stuff but I have to.
I think if a pain person went into a PMP and said dude I want morphine or something stronger cause this pain is so bad, a dr is going to look down on that. I go in saying dr I don't want to be on anything strong cause I am scared of it and he says no your getting on the hard stuff. Maybe he is thinking that methadone and mophine are long acting drugs mabye that is why he is pushing it. I will take them but I still would rather be on the weak stuff.
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Look, see how the methadone does for your pain. Hopefully it will help you out & you can get back to your normal life. I know you are scared but as long as you do exactly what you are told to do & take the medication as directed (please do, you may be given a urine test, next visit), you will be okay, & hopefully you will start feeling less pain.

Your lucky he wanted you to take something for pain, you could have gotten someone who did NOT believe your in pain.

Quit putting negative thoughts in your head. Be positve for once....praying it works out for you...I am just happy HE BELIEVED YOU.....
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Hi Jamie,

I'm REALLY glad that the Doctor is working with you and that he gave you SOMETHING!! You will have to adjust to it and it will take time. When I said get something on you stomach I didn't mean just a LITTLE something I mean something like a complete Ensure or a COMPLETE something.

Actually the people that are "seekers" are looking for the Vicodin and the Percocets and the ones that they can get a BUZZ from. You don't get that from the Methadone, I don't believe. They, also , want the Fentanyl Patches, because they can chew them and cut them up and make BIG BUCKS for them on the street!!

I told you earlier that it will take you years for the Methadone to quit working for you. You don't need to worry about that.

What strength did he start you with? I thought you said earlier that you were to start at 2 pills a day and then go up to 4 pills  a day.  Just remember that by the time that you get up to the 4 pills a day that then that will be the level where you are getting your complete pain relief.

Good Luck......Sherry
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I recently read that some doctors would rather prescribe long-acting pills because short-acting pills are easier to abuse. Has anyone else ever heard that?

Who knows what he was thinking? Personally, I think that he would not have prescribed it if he didn't think your pain was severe. I think that he KNOWS your pain is severe, and wants to help you. I know that it is a let down for you, and I am truly sorry for that. I am. But, I also want to add that sometimes it takes time for the side effects (not talking about allergic reactions here) to go down. For example, I was sick to my stomach for a full week on a new medication, but after that I was okay.  

I know that you don't want to be on strong medications, and I'm sorry that you feel let down by your doctor. I'm praying that this works and helps your pain.

As for what you should do, I'd say to do what you said...do what he says and see how you feel.


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A couple things. I'm sorry you're not thrilled. Really, I am. I suggest you google methadone and become familiar with it. It is one of the strongest and longest acting meds. I had a doctor once who wanted to try a nerve block. I said ok, had the never block and my symptoms became 10x worse. It was horrible and I was in tears every day even with my meds. I was on oxycontin at the time. When the horrible symptoms wore off and I was back to my normal pain levels he wanted to try it again. I said no, that I didn't think I wanted to go down that road again. At this point I had been on pain meds for about 2 yrs and he wrote me a script for basically ibuprofen and sent me on my way. He was an egotistical doctor. I guess he thought a week or two of that and I'd be back begging for the nerve block. He was wrong. I went to a different doctor, told him what happened and he resumed my treatment. He told me he wasn't very familiar with abdominal pain but he would treat my pain till I found someone that was. And he did. When I found someone else (the doc I just recently left) he told me I made the right call. That that second nerve block could have royally screwed me up. I say this because you need to know that some docs want you to follow their treatment with no input of your own, thank you very much. But you unfortunately are stuck with this doctor and you need to give it a shot. Like I said before methadone is very strong you should NEVER under ANY circumstance drink a DROP of alcohol. It could kill you. Not that I mix any of my meds with alcohol but methadone is very very dangerous when mixed with alcohol. Another thing that you need to know is that normally methadone is only given to opiate tolerant patients. I don't think you fit that category. He apparently does, but I don't. When I tried methadone I was told to increase to three a day on day four. After my second pill I began vomiting. When I was not able to stop the following day I put in a call to my doc. He told me to discontinue and come pick up my regular hydrocodone prescription. I did and it still took 5 days until my stomack settled down. That may not be the case for you, but if next week you don't feel you can handle that third pill I suggest you not take it. I think it's too much. But on the up side methadone gave me GREAT pain relief. Relief that has not been duplicated to this day. Please try it and see what happens. Please think that it is going to help. If you are set on believing it's not, it's way more likely not going to help. I hope I did not upset you and I hope it works GREAT for you!!!!
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Namna, you answered my question, lol! But people do also get a high from methadone and it is abused, but I guess not as much as short acting pills.  Methadone does cause euphoria (a buzz) in some people...just read about it. Namna, that's really terrible that people do that to the patch! I had no idea. You're right, often once people find the right dose for them, they don't have to have a dose increase for years. So, Jamie, I wouldn't worry about that right now.
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Flower asked a REALLY  good question!! She asked what do you mean you don't know what to do.

You sound like you want to go to another Dr.  My Dear, I'm going to lay it on the line for you!

IF you look for ANOTHER Dr. then YOU ARE DR. SHOPPING!! He ALREADY knows that you had Vicodin on June 20th, 90 pills, he knows that you had Methadone from the OTHER Dr. and he knows that you WALKED out of his office when he was on VACATION and you weren't NICE to his staff ( I'm putting that nicely).

Sweetheart, you DON'T have any options left!! THIS IS IT!!  Please DON'T do ANYTHING that is going to RED FLAG you. IF you do you won't have a PRAYER of getting anymore help!! NONE of us want that to happen to YOU!!!

Jamie, I'm NOT saying this to be mean to you at all, but SOMEONE has to be honest with you and I DON'T want you to LOSE this DR.

What does the PM Contract say. What does it say about Drug Tests and Rules?

It REALLY scared me when I just now READ Flowers INNOCENT question to you. I want to be sure that YOU understand the GRAVITY of this situation.  I'm really afraid that you might not.

Just hang in there and do what he tells you to do. Like you told me earlier heTOLD you that HE WILL MAKE THE DECISIONS AS TO WHAT YOU TAKE. I KNOW that you were upset about that but that's what happens in PM sometimes.  

YOU are going to have to PROVE yourself to him. I'm SOOOOO sorry that you are going to have to do that but you will.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!  When you've won his trust you will THEN probably have a say in your treatment.

I'm sorry sweetie.......Mama Sherry
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Please stay positive - Hopefully this med will give you the pain relief you need. I am very under treated and told that I should hang on at this dose for as long as I can... If you can find pain relief from this, you are one of the lucky ones.

I am still on short acting meds and have been told my condition will never get better. My doc is obviously very conservative when it comes to pain relief - Trust me, the short acting meds do not work long term. You build up a tolerance and they work for shorter and shorter periods of time. I am very lucky if I get 2 hours out of mine on a good day.

Please see how fortunate you are to have finally found a doctor who is willing to treat your pain and will not just hand you a few pills for the short term.

You should be celebrating since it appears you have found a doctor who understands you are in pain and is more than willing to treat it!!

Smile girl!!! (when the meds kick in, of course...) You haven't smiled in a long time!

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I also agree with Sherry. We all have to live by the rules of our PM. I really think you should have been walking out of there with a more positive attitude.

I am also concerned that you are not happy with today's result -

What did you expect?

Are you upset that he wouldn't give you the kind of meds that you wanted?

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