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In alot of pain

I am having a lot of trouble here and I am in tears and don't know what to do. I am hurting so bad. When I was at my sons game I went to use the bathroom and stepped in a hole and lost my balance and fell. Thank god no one seen me do this.
My back started to hurt  just alittle right afterwards and after I got home I am in so much more pain. My back hurts bad and the pain shots across the lower part of my back and my leg is KILLING me with pains shooting down all the way to my foot. I don't know what to do, I know I CANT go to the ER cause of the way they treated me last time. I also know I can't be labled at all!!!!! So not only is my mouth killing  me but now my back and my left leg. I have to get some sleep tonight cause we have a game in the morning well my daughter does.I know darn well I will NOT be able to sleep in this much pain. I don't know what to do and I know if this pain don't calm down I will go crazy!!!! Any advice would be great for a screwed up girl like me.
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Oh no Jamie, my heart is breaking for you.  If your back continues to hurt like this for another week, you should really think about going to that one doctor you were talking about to get it checked out!  You possibly may need an MRI and into therapy right away.

I agree with Sara that you need to rest and take it easy.  I know it's not easy to do, but it will help.  I've been resting and taking it easy now for the longest time.  I'm not able to get up and move around.  I do not want to do furter damage anyways.

You may want to put ice on your back, then alternate with heat.  The ice will take the inflammation down and the heat helps relax the muscles and muscle spasms.  Keep alternating tylenol and ibuprofen.  That will help the back pain and inflammation.

I have found these new ice packs with sand really help. They can be used for cold or heat and they hold the tempature longer then any other.  They are by Thermapaq and you can buy them at target.

Please take care of yourself hun!  If it gets too bad, make an appointment with that one doctor for your back.  I hope you are better soon!
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A really hot bath always helps my back. Maybe try that? It's also really relaxing and usually helps me fall asleep. Can you take Tylenol PM? I take it when I can't sleep but I know I have to because I have something to do the next day. I hope you feel better!
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Our Poor Jamie,

I am sorry but I do not have any suggestions for you. I wish I did..

Unfortunately all you have available to you now are comfort measures until you can see your PMP.

Alternating between ice and warmth, warm baths, OTC NSAID, Rest, meditation and similar home treatments are about all that you can do. Thermacare has been effective in my back pain. It can usually be bought at any local pharmacy. It may be beneficial to you also.

Anxiety will increase your pain. Please try to relax....I think it has been said before...Breath... Jamie...Breath.

Hang in the best you can. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,
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Oh Jamie. this is just awful!  You must have a little black cloud following you.  You have had so much.  It's just makes me sick all that you have to go through!    Would soaking in a warm bath help maybe?  Ibuprofen does help swelling and may help.I am guessing you're out of tramadol.

Please, call a relative to take the children to the games.  You desperately need to take it easy this weekend.  I know you like to go because you are such a wonderful mother.  But I think it's time to call in the cavalry.  If a relative isn't able to help, call another team mom and request a ride for your child. See if anyone would allow your children to go to their house to play for a while this weekend.  You must take it easy.

When I'm in pain and it won't quit, I take benadryl or Nyquil to help me sleep.  I don't know if you can take those but that's what I do.  

Please do as little as you can do.  Basically lay around, eat, drink, go to the bathroom and that's it!  Please do this for yourself.

Again, I'm so sorry you just keep getting these awful things.  I really hope the pain lets up.
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hello honey, my heart goes out to you, i will say a special prayer for you! i have another idea for you, do you have a heating pad, if not could you borrow or buy one? i use mine most all the time--it seems to push that pain out sometimes--or at least that is what i feel like it does for my back. you probably will have a hard time sleeping, like the others said--get some rest if you can! with your back hurting like that you should try to keep  as still as possible, the more movement the more likely to make it worse. god bless you and your family--kbe234
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Runingmom - are you speaking of th heating pads that stick right to your skin? I use them, too! Yes, they seem to work better than the ones that you wrap around.

Jamie, Take the advice you got here regarding your back  - try to take a hot bath, alternate ice and heat, alternate motrin or advil with tylenol, and try a sominex or a pain reliever PM like tylenolPM, advilPM, or the NEW motrinPM.... to get some sleep at night.

Did you ever call your sister in-law?

Thoughts and prayers to you.

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I don't know what to tell you to do to make it better.  You've mentioned that otc stuff doesn't help but maybe it will in this case since you've been off  medications for awhile now?  I'm so sorry Jamie, things just seem to keep happening.  It does seem that when you go see the pain doctor, you'll have plenty to talk about besides your mouth.  I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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I hoe that you won't be upset but I'm a little confused here. We write back and forth ALL the time. That's why I'm so CONFUSED about this last one and THIS post.

Last night you told me that your leg and back were hurting and you had NO IDEA what you had done.  

Then right after I told you that you REALLY needed to get your records from your Doctors so that you can write ANY letters if necessary to them to let them know WHY you didn't stay with them you came on here and wrote about your LEG and BACK and THIS time you said that you"Fell in A Hole" and "NOBODY saw you".

Honey, I just don't understand what's happened. PLEASE let me know what happened as I'm VERY confused by all of this.

Everyone here has given you some VERY good advice as to what to do about this. I'm quite sure that ALL that has happened is that you pulled a muscle. That can hurt like this. I'm sure you will be GLAD to know that more than likely ti's NO MORE than that.

I'm sending you XTRA (((HUGS!!))).....Mama Sherry
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I must agree with Sherry. You probably pulled or strained a muscle and that can be very painful.

However I am not an expert and it is possible that you will need an MRI but that is normally saved for the very last, when all the therapy and usual and customary treatments are not effective.

What I would suspect is that if you go to ER now with a back injury you will be labeled as a drug seeker, especially after what you were told on your last visit. Although I cannot say I know how you feel, because none of us know how the other truly feels; I can say that I have been where you are. I do know the huge challenges that untreated chronic pain brings to our lives.

Have you considered consulting a pain therapist. It seems apparent to me that your pain is controlling you instead of you controlling the pain. As I said I went years with untreated and undiagnosed chronic pain. There were days and nights I thought the pain would consume me. You must learn how to get your life back, even with this chronic pain.  I have an idea that you are so now so frustrated and anxiety ridden that every pain is now amplified. If you stub your toe it will feel like a fracture.

A pain therapist will assist you in dealing with chronic pain. They help you put it in perspective and assist you in getting your life back. Anger and denial helped me, yes two of the stages of grief I used to my benefit. I beleive that is how I manged to work those many years after I was told I could no longer work. I refused to allow pain to rule my life. Sometimes the pain won out and had to give in to it and take some down time. However for the most part I marched forward until I did find a diagnosis and pain management. But it took years. And I am sorry to say this Jamie but it may take that for you. At least you have an appt coming up fairly soon with a PMP that may be able to help manage your pain. Until than you need to find alternative treatments that will get you to that date. Our members have offered some good suggestions. Stress reduction is extremely important in pain management. Please try to work on that also. My heart goes out to you.  

Mummy and Runningmom, It's so strange and goes to show how very different we all are. Those "sticky" heat or cool patches do nothing for me. The wraps with the Velcro type adjustments that you fit to your back, I think they are called ThermaCare, are the only ones that are effective for me. :)

Hang in there Jamie. We are here for you!! You will make it. As I have said often, Chronic pain will not kill you, it only feels that way.

Peace to you Jamie,
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Hi Jamie again.  I just read through what Sherry and Tuck said.  I think you should take a look at your medical records to see what's been put in your file, I think I remember telling you a few weeks ago I was lookig at mine in the dr. office.  That is the only way you are going to know for sure if someone put something inappropriate in your and that will be able to help you decide which dr. to continue to see.  Unfortunately, about a week ago, you said you kept leaving messages on your primary doctor voice mail about them not writing you any additional meds, and I'm sure they put all of that information in your file.  You seem to be very concerned about being red flagged?  I know you had the one mean ER doctor say it, but she could be saying that just to scare you, you don't know that for sure, and getting your records is another way of finding out if someone has red flagged you?  I'm not sure if I would just take one person saying you may be red flagged serious, unless it's a series of people. And even if you are red flagged, you get to the appropriate pain doctor and they will still write prescriptions that you can get filled at the pharmacy of your choice.

I also agree on you seeing some sort of psychiatrist.  I see a psychiatrist that told me I have PTSD and general anxiety disorder, and I noticed you've been  anxious lately about what's going to happen on Tuesday the 20th, I would definitely recommend seeing someone like that.  I take medication to help me, I take trazadone, which helps me sleep (you've made a lot of comments that you can't sleep because of the pain, I couldn't either because of the pain in my neck and arms and now can because of the medication) and I take Lorazapam during the day (it's an anxiety medication that I can take up to 2 a day) and I take clonazapam at night with the trazadone.  I'm wondering if you are on something like that, and if you're not, why not?  We all can tell that you are so stressed out, not sleeping, eating, and just overrall wiped out.  We all care about you and want you to feel better.  I also was thinking about the ambesol stuff that I put on my mouth for my root canal and it numbed my whole face, can you try and put that on your mouth for awhile?  Since you haven't been on any type of narcotic medication for awhile now (hasn't it been like a month) I would hope that taking some of the over the counter stuff could help a little bit like the benadryl.  I know when I'm in pain before I started the trazadone, I would take benadryl and it would knock me out and I wouldn't notice the pain because I'd be asleep.  I'm glad you've decided to go ahead and do the nerve block because you need and deserve some relief from all this that you've experienced.  It would be nice for you to be able to relax without so much pain, if only for just one day.  Im sorry you're going through this, but we are all here for you!!!  

Can't wait for you to see the pain dr. Love ya!


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I made a post before but it didn't go through for some reason.  Jamie, I agree with everyone else.  I think you are so overwhelmed with things right now that you are sort of on the brink.  I know you love your kids and want to be at every single event, but right now you need to think of you.  Trust me, if you talk to them and explain that it's only temporary that you can't attend every game, they WILL understand.  I have 4 and they have been super about it.  

I, like Tuck, have had a lot of luck with the ThermaCare patches.  They are fantastic.  (Though I also have a Lidoderm patch which I also find helpful.)  For the pain from your fall, some advil and soaking in the tub should help a bit.

I'm trying to see a pain psychiatrist but they won't agree on a fee with WC; I'm desperate to see one because I think it will help along with the other stuff.

I also agree you need to see your records.  I went through my boyfriend's records with him from his last PCP who was an idiot.  We couldn't believe the things in his record.  Some stuff belonging to another patient with a whole other condition.  In light of what's gone on with you, you definitely need to check it out.
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Hi Jamie, It's me again. We have all been telling you to obtain your records. Do the things you can do to discover why you seem to have so much difficultly obtaining medications...IF there is a definite reason.

I disagree that one warning of being red flag should not be heeded. I worked in ER and I know how quickly they can do that. Not only does ONE hospital do that but they "share" their list with all the local ERs. The senior staff in ER when I started in the department would take one look at the person coming through the door and would say things like, "She's back, looking for a fix." It made me angry to no end. In many cases they didn't even listen to what that patient had to say, they were labeled. If they had any suspicion they went to the list and would say things like, yet ABC hospital won't give her any drugs....now she's making her rounds here.

So it does happen and it can happen quicker than you can imagine. It only take ONE hospital to make that determination and you never get off the list.

So Jamie you need to see your records. As I also noted on another post I have seen the wrong note placed in a file or electronic record. Men with pregnancy issues and females with prostate enlargement. It happens. Unfortunately medical staff our human and they make error just like anyone else. Only in the medical industry one error can cost a life....or ruin one's credibility.

Nothing removed the alleged drug seekers name from the "list."  So beleive me you do not want to be on it.  I cannot say that this practice is nation-wide but I would not be afraid to guess it is in all probability.

I wish you the very best. Hang tough.

Peace to You,
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This list at the emergency rooms is also called a turkey file. They do take this very seriously. Also make sure your consistent with what you tell the doctor as this too will get one put in the turkey file.
I am sorry your going thru so much pain but do not let one doctor at one ER scare you from getting the medical care you need.
Try another hospital and explain to the doctor that you fell and need to see if you have broken/fractured something.
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Thanks for all your advice, my leg and back are feeling better. I don't know what I did to it but I know when I fell it had to do something I must of just messed it up alittle. But it will be fine. No more leg pain.
I will take everyones advice and I just wanted to thank everyone for all you have done for me. It really means alot to me to have friends like you guys. I am not in very good shape so I won't be on here that much so please forgive me for that. My world is falling apart around me and I will breath Tuck I promise I will do the best I can. I will keep checking up on everyone to see how your all are doing.
Karen it has been 3 weeks since I have not been on any meds. It has been a very hard 3 weeks and I have suffered way to much for one person to go thru. My kids have suffered also and that is what bugs me the most.

I just have one more question, I will look into a pain therapist in my area and see if there is one, but If I go to a pain therapist will I get red flagged? Cause that ER dr told me not to go to any more drs, so the way I took that is to suffer till I see my PMP and only dr I can see is my PCP but we all know how that went. The thing that bugs me the only times i have been in the ER is when something was really wrong 2 times I had to have surgery. I don't understand how you can be red flagged for have a galbladder out and appendix out. I think that dr is just a jerk. I have had her 2 times and she has been so mean to me. I am done going to drs I will just keep suffering like I am.
thanks for everything you guys have done for me.
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Hi Jamie. I'm new here, but I've read a lot of your threads and responded a bit. Again, I'm sorry that you're going through all of this. I don't know if going to a pain therapist will get you red flagged.

I hope that you keep posting and I hope that you get your pain treated. It took me years to get my pain treated to where I can function where I'm at now. It's not right by a long shot, but it seems that many people have difficulty getting proper care--whatever that may mean for them. For me, it was a combination of treatments including physical therapy which is a huge commitment on my part, but is crucial to my well-being!

I agree that you should get all of your records from all of your doctors. You are legally able to get copies of them, so I think that it is important for you to do so. You deserve to be able to eat and function. I'm glad that your leg feels better. I pray that the next doctor you see helps you.

You have gotten this far. You will get through this.

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Actually, seeing a therapist is looked on very favorably by doctors, particularly when you stick with regular therapy and establish a good long-term relationship.  Now, if you jump around from one therapist to another every few weeks, that's not going to look good either.  

What the ER is talking about is "doctor shopping" until you find a doctor willing to prescribe opiate therapy.  Some people doctor shop to obtain meds from multiple doctors.  ERs are particularly vulnerable to people only coming in for a fix, so I understand their reluctance at being played for fools.  Frequent flyers will be recognized and flagged.  I understand that you're suffering right now, but the fact is that you have been to several doctors and that behavior is flagged as suspicious.  It's just the state of the union nowadays.  We either play by the rules or we don't get treated.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the ER is not the place to go for pain management of a chronic problem - unless your own doctor sends you there and has treatment orders ready.  Too many people flood our emergency rooms with problems that should be treated in urgent care instead.  "Emergency" care means you are medically unstable for whatever reason and need care immediately.  Their job is to assess and then either stabilize and discharge you or admit you under an attending doctor's care.  

Try not to blame the doctors so much.  The federal government has its eye on them as well as their patients.  Too many narcotic prescriptions and they stand to lose their licenses.  They're forced to practice defensive medicine.

My pain shrink has been very helpful to me.  A couple years ago I wanted to cut my med dose for tolerance reasons as well as to see where my pain levels were really at.  My pain doc had me go from a 75 mcg fentanyl patch to a 50 mcg patch.  Three days later I was barfing my guts outs in withdrawal with the resltess legs jerking away and unable to sleep a wink.  I hope to never feel like that EVER again.  My pain doc insisted it couldn't possibly be withdrawal, but my pain shrink agreed it was withdrawal.  The pain shrink picked up the phone and talked to the pain doc and finally brought her around.  Got a new treatment plan and did a slower taper over 2 weeks to the lower dose with no trouble.  Aside from helping you learn new coping skills, a counselor can be an exellent advocate for you when these situations crop up.  You have nothing to lose by seeing a pain shrink.  I say go for it!
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hello again honey, please don't give up--there is help out there. it also took me awhile to get the right help. about the therapist, my pmp sends you to one with his practice, he has one on his staff. almost all people with chronic pain will see one at some time in their life. pain can make you crazy, no dr should ever put you down for trying to help yourself. for the er dr, here where i live the er will not give pain meds-once in a great moon-we have other ones a little further down the road that will. i think the er just sees so many people come in that are just trying to get a fix so that puts the peole like you and i that are in a lot of pain at risk and nothing makes me more angry than those abusing meds just to get high. it is not fair that someone like you that is in pain have to suffer so. my prayers are with you and your little ones. they understand more than we give them credit for-- i have a 7 year olld granddaughter- i am mommy to her, she has known no other, she sees me in pain all the time and she understands. she will rub my feet or neck and back. if i am sick at my stomach she will get me the sick pan and a cold wet wash cloth. she will give me extra hugs and let me know she is here if i need her help in any way, she even fixes me food and tries to comfort me with it!  like you,  i also fill like she is being cheated of my time and doing things with her. so i understand where you are coming from there. i will include you in my daily prayers and pray that you find a dr like i have finally that is understanding and knows that you are truly in pain and how much you need his or her help. please don't stop coming here, there are so may good people here, you can use us for therapy until you can get to a therapist! the people on this board have really reached out to me and made me feel so much better--even on my darkest day. i have  already made a really good friend while on her and we talk all the time now. hoping you get some relief very soon--god bless you and yours--kbe234--wanda
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It was also never my intention to say anything to hurt your feelings, I've just been very concerned about you, as you should know I've texted you a lot to make sure that your doing ok.  I care about you, and I'm sorry if I mad you upset, NEVER was that my intention or anyone else on here, we are just so concerned and all trying to find out a way to help you.  If you feel that the best way to handle this is to step away, we will all be sad but we will have to accept your reasoning.  I just hope you rethink your decision and know that this was coming from our heart and not a mean place.  I hope you start to feel better soon.
You've made it so long with no medication, I know you can make it until the 20th.  It's just a few more days.  Look how far you've come to make it this far so far, and now you've almost done it.  Anyway, we will really  miss all your posts!

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Hang in there Jamie!  I do know when we are in such bad pain that the days seem to drag on forever and ever.  I can't believe how slow times passes.  We are thinking of you and wish you the best.  I am praying that you will finally be able to get help with this new PM doctor.  I know what it's like not to have any medications with severe pain.  It actually sent me in frequent panic attacks and greatly increased my anxiety.  Take care and please continue to post with us.
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Hello, sorry I’m a bit late on responding to this. I truly hope that you have found relief during these last few years and are enjoying the quality of life you deserve but in case you aren’t or are still living with some degree of discomfort I’d like to offer you my advice. What you’re describing is symptomatic of a condition known as sciatica. This occurs when vertebra of the lower spin are forced into misalignment and subsequently exert pressure upon surrounding nerves. The compression of the nerves is what causes the shooting pain, numbness, and tingling occurring down the leg and other parts of the body. Now if you were to go straight to the ER for such an issue they would most likely prescribe you a form of painkiller and then later request surgery, which would most likely result in a recurrence of your pain further down the line. Fortunately there exists an effective and non-evasive treatment method for this condition called chiropractic. Chiropractic is now the most successful method of treating sciatica and preventing reoccurrence. Well the treatment is most effective right after contracting the sciatica long term sciatica is just as treatable, though it will take a matter of weeks as opposed to days to achieve the desired result. If you need a recommendation or referral to a chiropractor in your area please let me know. I’m a third year university student currently working toward my doctorate in chiropractic and have had experience in the science for over 8 years.
P.S.-I also sustained a sciatica injury just like yours years ago and it was completely cured after just two treatments with chiropractic!
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i too feel so bad for you,  er docs can be so cruel and i have always wondered if you dont believe in the meds you studied and can now ease the pain for your patients why become a dr?  i know pain med abuse runs rampid but pain is pain,  they need to be reminded at times that they have a responsibility to their patients. i hope you are feeling better
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Hey I know this is an old post, but I can definitely relate to the poster. BTW, since it has been since 2010 I hope your pain has been more manageable. All my problems began at my local hospital in 2010.. I had aseptic meningitis and was admitted for a few days. The morning after I was admitted I had an MRI of my brain. Upon being discharged the docs said that I was okay and that I probably had a migraine from having the aseptic meningitis.. I believed them. However as time went on I kept falling, I was losing vision, couldn't move my head or neck, constant pain in the back of my head and neck, nausea, low back pain.. I kept going to the hospital because my doc kept sending me there. I ended up with quite the hospital record.. When I found out that I could look at my medical file including reports from radiology I obtained those copies which showed that I have a Chiari malformation and multi-level degenerative disc disease in my C spine and now in my L spine. I have been labeled a drug seeker countless times and I know how that feels. I also have several tattoos and facial piercings too so I get put in a stereotypical category. I am in pain every day and have been for almost 3 years. Aside from my degenerative disc disease and CM, I have 2 brain tumors, one nodule in each thyroid gland (one may be cancer), I have diverticulitis and MSK.
It's not like I just sit on my butt and do nothing either. I exercise everyday and I am a vegan. I take 3 different types of vitamins and I practice meditation and yoga. I am keeping a pain journal too, IMO it is important to keep such a journal especially if you have a PM specialist.
After brain surgery this year for the CM and the pain from the other conditions I have listed I finally see a PM doc on the 8th.. Just two more days until my consult. If this goes well I will be able to go back to beauty school =)
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i wish you all the best of luck and living with chronic pain is each persons personal journey,  we all do the best we can once our bodies have to adjust to injuries, illness etc..l. feel for all affected by pain,  until you live with it such an unwelcomed visitor, you just cant relate, i can.
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