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From one's mouth and into God's ears

An old Greek saying, used more as a wish.
Well this worked, as I just joined this group.
God is always listening!
Are you?
Many may believe in the Power of Prayer. That is great!
And what is Prayer? Prayer is Us communicating with the Divine.
How about the Divine communicating with you? Are you ready? Are you open?
Or are you perhaps TOO busy with your career,business, health,kids, friends, schedules, problems , texting, facebook....? Are you TOO busy to listen to God's message? Are you open and available to help an elderly
lady cross the street? Are you too busy as teacher to stay after hours and tutor a student who's having difficulties?
Are you too overwhelmed with your own issues, that you cannot volunteer for 1 hour a week in palliative care,
or help in your local soup kitchen, or write an encouraging and inspiring letter offering your friendship to an inmate?
Listening to the Divine, will help you build the bridge between praying and manifesting.
And if you answered no, to most of these questions you're not listening enough.
God is disguised as the street person who you'll meet at the soup kitchen, or the inmate that committed a terrible crime, or the troubled young student who is failing math.

I find meditation offers me the opportunity to connect with the Divine, put my usually busy mind to rest and allow
my Spirit take over. My Higher Self is always Spirit-driven and that is where and when Miracles happen.

A Course in Miracles -  all student lessons are available online free - is a wonderful way to truly experience Miracles in your everyday Life. It will help the student understand that there is a Spiritual Solution to ANY problem!
I'm almost done with the lessons. Day 350 today. But I'll be starting over again Jan1st.
It takes only minutes a day and it is so easy and simple, yet the results are so profoundly powerful and life-changing, I highly recommend you take a look at it at least. Do not let its simplicity discourage you from starting.

Blessings to all!
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