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Can exposure to Pizza Ovens Wood Burning and gas triger a severe Asthma attack to someone who has RADS

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Asthma and RADS due to a flood in my home and Chemicals were used to kill Mold & Mildew.  While on  vacation the hotel room we were checked into was directly above the exhaust fans of a WoodBurning and Gas Pizza Ovens. the smell in the halls and our room were so severe of Wood burning that I got extremely sick with my lungs immediately while on vacation and continued for the several days while we were in the hotel.  After returning home I still continued with my sympthons with coughing, acute bronchitis, difficulty breathing, weak, sweating, bringing up a brownish yellow flem for several weeks after my exposure to the Woodburning and Gas Ovens.  I ended up having to be hospitalized for one week.
I know that any ordors, perfumes, cleaning solutions, gas, chemicals,room deoraizers etc make me very sick.

My questions is can someone with RADS and Asthma have a severe immediate reaction to these fumes and have to be hospitaled?
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Someone with asthma has inflamed lungs.  Depending on the degree of inflammation and the type of exposure, it is possible for nonspecific irritants to cause exacerbations of asthma to occur.
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