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Sinuses and blurred vision

Last week I had extreme headaches everyday.  I went to bed with one and woke up with one.  This week I do not have the headaches; however, in the last 3 to 4 days my eyes are unususally blurred in the morning.  They usually clear up by the time I get to the office.  Today is different.  It is afternoon and my vision is extremely (unusual) blurred.  I do not feel any pressure or pain, just really bad vision (I wear reading glasses only).  I am not able to see clearly and does not seem to be getting any better.  What do you think the problem is?  I have had sinusitus in the past, but nothing as serious as problems with my vision.  Can you offer any remedies, suggestions or ideas?  

For a more qualified answer, do you have any questions for me?

Thank you.
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This is a potentially very serious situation.  It is not sinusitis.  Something has compromised the circulation and/or nerve connections to your eyes.  You may have had either bleeding from a blood vessel or clot formation in one or more blood levels.  Another way to look at this is as a possible mini-stroke.

A less serious but unlikely possibility would be migraine, but with no prior history that would be especially unlikely.

The most important thing is that you act quickly at this time to get medical assistance.  You should call your doctor and advise his/her staff that this is a medical emergency and that you must speak to him/her immediately.  If you are unable to make rapid contact with your doctor, have a friend or relative drive you to the nearest, large hospital, emergency room (ER) and, on arrival, inform them that you may be having a stroke and this is a true emergency.  If getting a person to drive you to the ER, is not feasible, call 911 or have someone else call 911.

Good luck.
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