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Aldara (Imiquimod)

Recently (5/28) diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and besides from cryotherapy for treatment i also received Aldara cream 5%. (the derm did not get every lump/wart with the liquid nitrogen)
Questions I have about this is;
How effective is it to be used?
Should I apply it with a finger or would a Q-Tip be better or should it be something else?
How exactly does it work? i think i heard it boosts the immune system in the area applied
Should I apply Aldara to places where cryotherapy has been done or just new/missed lumps/warts?
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I think this question is best for your Dr at this point. He/She had diagnosed you and started you on treatment, we don't like to give conflicting info since you have see a Dr and started treatment.
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