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Can I rule out stds?

So three weeks ago, I had allowed my boyfriend to finger me and he had used saliva as lubricant. He is a virgin and had never done anything sexual with anyone else except for me. Two days after I began to feel dryness and a slight burning on my vagina. The symptoms were rather mild and on and off. After three weeks I saw a doctor who asked me if I was sexually active. After explaining I've never had sex but I had let my boyfriend finger me, she immeditely ruled out stds. I informed her it was with saliva but she was already talking. She looked at me externally and just saw irritation and immediately diagnosed it as a yeast infection. She prescribed me an oral medication as well as a cream, however the cream has made my symptoms much worse in a matter of two days. Should I be considered this is an std instead?
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You're both virgins the chances of an std through saliva in the vagina would be extremely low. I'm not even sure you can get an std that way but go to a gum clinic and get checked if your worried
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