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Confirmed but undiagnosed

I have a CONFIRMED but still UNDIAGNOSED urological infection or STD. Awaiting test results and panicking in the meantime. Can anyone help me out by narrowing down the field of anxiety? I am a middle-aged hetero male, white, living in Central Europe, was 100% clean until recently at least the beginning of this year (had a thorough check then).

My symptoms:

The urologist I saw today said the glands in my groin (and nowhere else) were clearly enlarged and an inflammation of the bladder was visible in ultrasound. I also have a rash there following shaving, which he said was too profuse to just be due to shaving, without some underlying process below the skin. Finally, I remember I had some (really minor) pain towards the end of urinating and directly after it over a few days about 6 weeks ago. Once or twice, I also thought the urine was just a little bit cloudy. Then it all went away but came back as pain proper today, after the doctor had dug three different swabs in my urethra to take samples. Finally, I sometimes think I have slightly swollen glands near the kidneys, of all places, but I could be imagining things. Is that even possible? The doc did ultrasound the sides of my belly, didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Possible causes/exposures:

1) Unprotected receptive oral sex and French kissing with a prostitute 4+ months ago. She must have had something in her throat because I developed candidiasis a few days later. I saw a doc and treated it with special mouthwash. I also ran some basic STD tests then (at ca. 10 days after the exposure), all negative. I wonder, though, if I may have had some of her vaginal fluid on my hands as I was putting on the condom - would it be enough to carry a sufficient viral load, eg. for HIV?

2) Unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex with my new girlfriend (well, friend-with-benefits), who was supposed to be clean but perhaps wasn’t. She is now awaiting her results, too. We only met three times, at three months, three weeks and 10 days ago. That tiny pain (sensation, rather) while peeing I mention above came at around 3-4 weeks from the first exposure. But I only really started wondering about my glands after the second one. They tingle a bit and feel like they’re trying to elbow out some extra room for themselves.

My doc presribed some penicilin-like pills for me to take while we wait for the blood and swab results. He also said we’ll run a sperm test when the treatment’s over. I know you won’t be able to tell me anything definitive but whatever you can say will help me a lot, so please answer as best you can. Anything all this points towards? Anything I can rule out?

Thanks in advance...
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1) Low risk for a STD and seems like you had negative STD tests so no STD from that. HIV questions post in the STD forum.

2) Well yes she could have something but does not sound like a STD overall, my guess is e-coli from the anal sex.
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