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How high is my risk for HIV?

Hi, all. I am very stressed out and I was hoping to get some guidance on the best plan of action for my situation. Last night I had sex with two different prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district ( I'm an idiot I know and I'm so ashamed about this). I used a condom for both encounters, however I removed the condoms to masturbate during both encounters and I'm sure some vaginal fluid made its way on to my penis. Probably the worst part is that I performed vaginal, oral sex on both of these prostitutes with a chapped lip. My lip isn't so chapped that it's bleeding, however there is a split on my lower lip with red, irritated, glistening skin in it. I also want to note that I was sick with a cold or flu virus a couple days ago with which I had a cough, fever, throat and mouth infection, and headaches if this even relevant. I am very concerned about my risk for HIV and other STD contraction. Obviously the next step is to get tested, but I was hoping to understand from you all how high my risk for STD contraction is to put my mind at ease. Furthermore, do you all recommend I take PEP to combat the possible HIV contraction?
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HIV questions post in the HIV forum.

As for STD's your risk was low. I would nto be concerned.
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