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I have a sore throat after unprotected oral sex

After i had unprotected oral sex, the next day my throat started hurting. But its more than that:

Ok, when i went to the doctors, i had gotten a pap smear and i test positive for chlamydia. So i took the medication for and had umprotectived sex a week later. I should have told my boyfriend so he could get tested but sadley i didnt because i know i didnt get it from him, it was from my last boyfriend. So 3 months later i went back to get tested and that came back negative but i had a yeast infection. They gave me  fluconazole to treat it. So since i couldnt have sex, i gave oral sex instead unprotected (stupid i know). the next day my throat hurted and i read on the net it could be strep or oral gonorrhea. So i had amoxicillin and started taking that. that didnt work and my throat was still irritating me.

I read that both medications i was taking side effects may cause sore throat and since i was taking both maybe it made it worse or something. I dont think my boyfriend would have gave me something because one, if he had anything than they would have found it on my screening i had just had and second, it was too quick for any symtoms to appear since they usually start about a week or two in the future but my throat was hurting the next day.

Description of throat: Red like it could be strep but no white patches. The bumps in the back look big but arent they usaully like that, i dont know. It feels like i have something in the back, so i keep swallowing my saliva to get it out but of course that doesnt work. Also you can see the veins in the back of my throat, like really see them. Because of my throat, i think im getting headaches from it and one side really hurts than the other, like the gland under my chin feels tender and a little swollen.

Can someone please give me an opinion or something before i go and see the doctor. Since i just graduated and im not in college yet, i dont have any health insurance and those doctor bills aint no joke. Thank you. and sorry its long, the more i tell the more i can figure this out.
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This really sounds more like a viral infection than anything std related. If it's not better in a few days or gets worse or you see white patches on your tonsils, see your provider.

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