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Not STD? Prostate infection maybe?

A few months ago, I was tested for HIV, Gon, Chlamydia, Syphilis and tests came back negative.... This was a routine test (I'm not very sexually active).  A day before that test, I did receive and give oral sex with another male.... A few weeks after that I did notice a clear discharge and went to the clinic the very next day to receive the same tests and receive treatment for chlamydia, I think it was doxycyclin or something like that.  My symptoms went away after the 7 days of taking that antibiotic, and in the meantime my tests came back negative again for the hiv, gon, chla, and syph.  2 days later, the symptoms returned (with no sexual contact).  I decided to save some money by ordering antibiotics online, ciprofloxacin and doxycyclin( since that seemed to work the first time) and this did not give me the same results.... I went to a clinic a few days ago that specializes in women's and men's sexual health and received treatment for Gon and Chla, which was an injection of Rocephrin, and azithromycin in powder form, tests came back negative again and there is still no change in symptoms.  

Could someone please tell me what this could be?  I have not had any other symptom besides the clear discharge that comes out all day, everyday and am very concerned.... I also read about some bacteria causing prostate infections that can cause this discharge and can't be detected on an STD test... I don't have health insurance so a visit to a general provider is not an option here... Thank you.

Please Help.
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You need to see a Dr for an exam and not just testing. I would think this is NGU but medication should have taken care of it. A prostate infection is possible, or someother type of bacterial infection. But you have to see a Dr.
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