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Penis Infection

Had unprotected sex with a girl about 6 months ago...next day felt slight stinging at the tip of the penis..went to family doctor and tested for chlamydia, gonnorhea, syphilis, hep c and hiv and was prescribed doxycycline (200 mg day 1, 100 mg next 8 days) while awaiting results...tests all came back negative and burning and stinging sensation actually got worse, including quite severe pain on ejaculation..went back to the doctor, retested for chlamydia and was given a 2 week course of vibramycin (200 mg per day)...pain became slightly more dull but was still consistent and a clear, watery discharge became present...also, my anus becmae red and inflammed, my scrotum became red and irritated and a red rash with several pimples broke out on my buttocks...I went back to the doctor again with worries of herpes which he told me it was not, but I convinced him to test anyways, and it came back negative...i was given a cream for the buttocks rash and a referral to a urlogist...the urologist took ultrasounds of the bladder, kidney and scrotum, did a quick rectal exam and went through all my previous tests..although he said some inflammation seemed present in my rectum, he said that visualy the penis looked healthy but based on my symptoms prescribed a 4 week course of cipro (1000 mg per day)...during this time i noticed several skin changes including redness of my palms, soles and joints as well as a change in texture and colour on the cheeks, nose, forehead and around my eyes...i still notice these changes as well as slight dandruff from the scalp...the inside of my nostrils are red and itchy and mucous is white and barely builds up...in my ears the wax is white and flaky now as opposed to normal brownish, waxy consistency...in my mouth my throat is very red but just slightly irritated as I didn't notice it much...i completed the 4 weeks of cipro and still no change..my foreskin has a red ring around it and when fully retracted the under side below the head is extremely red...other than that the appearance is completely normal..the clear discharge is still present which tells me that there is clearly an infection of some sort..the amount of seamen that comes out upon ejaculation is about one third of what it used to be though there is no longer pain with ejaculation..the scrotum is red and irriated constantly..the anus is still red and inflamed and irriated and a mucousal discharge is present..my throat got very swollen and inflammed which I was told was strep throat, but after taking the antibotics for strep the swelling is still present as well as shortness of breath, though the pain has subsided...the back of the throat still looks very red an inflamed and tonsils also look swollen...small pimple like bumps have been popping up all over my body, though not in large amounts or covering large areas...skin seems to have a "goosebump" like consistency throughout and inflammation and discolouration around eyes is constant..sexual desire, libido and erectile functionality have all decreased significantly..during the entire duration of this infection I have felt constant fatigue and general unwell feeling as well as moments of being completely spaced out and unable to concentrate..physical weakness and loss of appetite have also been present throughout the entire ordeal..I have been to my doctor, urologists, and hospitals so many times and I can't seem to get any answers...every treatment thrown my way without diagnoses has been ineffective..i just want to have a full course of tests run to find whatever it is that entered my body and don't know where would be the best place to undergo such testing...some bacteria or virus has definately infected my penis and it has spread throughout my body causing systemic symptoms for months with no changes except for the worse...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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This is not a STD issue, while some symptoms you had do point to a STD most do not.
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