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Rash Culture

Doctor took a culture of a rash on my shoulder and back today.  Will the culture determine the type of STD I might have?  Will the culture result exclude HIV?  

Just FYI on background:
I am 49 year old male with wife and kids - AND VERY, VERY SCARED!!
Initially I was scared I had HIV, but I am gaining confidence that I don't since I tested anonymously through www.requestatest.com the following:
20 days post exposure - HIV Neg, Chlymadia Neg, Syphillis Neg, Herpes 1  POS, Herpes 2 Neg,, All Hepatitis Neg
30 days post exposure - PCR HIV Neg and HIV ABS Neg
45 days post exposure - PCR HIV Neg and HIV ABS Neg
95 days post exposure - HIV ABS Neg

I had the typical symptoms of feeling like I got hit by a bus about 15 days post exposure.  Exposure was I had oral sex with man.  I received.  Had depression (never had in my life), tongue got a white film on it, mouth was extremely dry, felt very tired and "out of it" for about a week.  Thought maybe it was candida, but was worried about HIV mostly from articles I read.

At the same time I got my 95 day post exposure test, I developed two rashes - one on my shoulder and the other nearby on my upper back - both on the same side which both had a burning sensation.

If this is not HIV what else could it be??  To me, I was hit so hard two weeks after the encounter, that I felt something was wrong with me & body.  On top of all that I got the rashes and tongue still has occasional white film and dryness.  I've never had a rash my whole life.

Any thoughts will help...thanks..nervous and scared in Midwest
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There was very little to no risk for HIV from this, and all your tests were negative, so put that out of your mind.  Should you have any other questions (though I can't imagine why you would since its conclusively negative), post in the HIV prevention forum.

I also can not imagine what STD would cause your symptoms, though if the doctor did a wound culture, you should be able to find out what it is.  Unless you are a wrestler, herpes only infects the mouth or genital area.

This could be staph, dermatitis, etc.

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