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Std? Yeast Infection? Please Help!

Hello, I have a question about some activity going on with my body. Firstly, I would like to start off with that I have only had sex with two women, my first being at the age of 18-19, about 6 years ago, and my current girlfriend, of about 6 months. I showed no signs of STDs or anything of that nature during that span of 6 years and nothing came up that concerned me at all. I would like to think I am fairly healthy, active, and take care of myself. About 5 months ago, my current girlfriend and I had unprotected sex. Nothing came about after and there was no alarm, but we decided it would be best not to have sex. Jump to current time, I was dealing with a slight tingle on the head of my penis, thought it was something to do with my job and life because I tend to sweat for 7-9 hours a day, so thought it might have been from that, so I made sure to clean to the best of my ability. Also at this point in my life, I decided to stop masturbating because I had been masturbating about twice a day or more for years. My girlfriend and I decided to try to have sex, but it quickly ended due to the sensation on the head of my penis. Each day went by after for about a week with a strange pain on the tip of my penis. I did some research and came to the conclusion that I might have gotten a yeast infection. I applied coconut oil to the area and it seemed to start getting better. A week after our sexual encounter, I started having what appeared to be a clear/semen colored fluid from my penis. This took place with the constant need to urinate for a whole day. It seemed by that night, I had passed whatever seemed to be blocking and it started to feel better. The next day I woke up feeling fine but shortly after had a full day of diarrhea, greenish in color, and a greenish/yellowish coating on my tongue. I am highly confused as if I have an STD, yeast infection, or something else. I have done a bit of research with the idea that it could be an infection or some type of prostatitis. I would like to get a second opinion before I go to the doctors due to not having insurance and having to pay any cost out of pocket. Any thoughts would be appreciated.  
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Dr is going to be the only place for you right now. I will say that nothing screams a STD based on thise symptoms.
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