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What should I do about this whole situation?

Well I'm curious  of trying to figure out how is it that you can't catch a std from sitting on toilets? I went to college at Benedict in Columbia  befor I went I was clean nothing was wrong with me. Until 2 months laterror while I was at the school I had a discharge not was bleedin a lot. Another girl that was in the same dorm and on the same floor as me was saying it was something  wrong with her too. So we both went to different  doctors  we was told that we hado tric. Me and this girl never had sex or nothing and before that we were clean. The people that cleaned the bathrooms  told me they aren't allowed to use bleach. One of the janitors found crabs on the toilet seat. I think some thing like this neels to be investigated. Than the hospital I went to never called to tell me to pick up my lab results. So I get back in Chicago I get a post card from health care saying I need to report to the doctor. I just been having  bad headaches  and blurry vision for a while since I got back home. My stomach  has also been hurting but I'm not itching burning or having  any type of discharge. So could someone  help me decide what to do?
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You cant contract any std from sitting on a toilet.
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