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burning sensation in penis shaft

hi, i have the strangest thing happening  to me, i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend acouple of months  ago, 3 weeks after that i had a discharge from my penis. I wen to my urologyst, really worried it was an std, and he told me that my i had urethretis not caused by an std but by a yeast infection, so he prescribed me a one dose pill called afumix, pretty good. and it helped, a week after i had a little watery discharge from my penis, and a little bit of a burning sensation, then he send me to do a urethral swab test, it came back negative, so he cleared me from any stds and told me i may have been high anxiety . Couple of days after i sign up to a gym to do some working out, and after the excersize i felt this odd burning sensation in my penis,this happen to me once before i was diagnosed with urethritis that same month, underneath the frenulum area and it looked a bit red when i checked, i tried a some antifungal cream and it did the trick for a bit. Also  i have watery discharge when i am fully erect. i had my girl tested  and her test came back negative for std's she had some sort of a yeast infection and was prescribed ovules.  I am kind of worried about what i have, and i am really scared that it may be herpes, although  the std test came back negative , what may be the strange burning? there are no signs of any  blisters or whatever. please help... any ideas on what i have? is it normal after having intercourse with a person with a yeast infection, is it a fungus?? my doc told there where little signs of a fungus, but i should keep watching for any abnormalities... ty
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I'm wondering if you and your gf are passing yeast.  Ask your doctor for treatment for it, and then you and your gf should avoid sex for 7 days.

Also, make sure you are keeping yourself clean and dry, and shower after working out.  Make sure your workout clothes are also clean and dry.

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