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yeast infection?

Ok so about 5 or 6 months ago i had an encounter with an older women. I used protection for vaginal penetration but we both reciprocated unprotected oral on each other. I noticed a really unpleasant smell from her vagina but i went at it and ate her anyway. I guess i didnt want to make her feel bad. The next day i had the exact same smell that her vagina gave off coming from my penis ! It was weird and my penis head began itching and burning a little. No discharge. Idk if i have a yeast infection or std but im getting really uncomfortsble. Its like its taking over my life and im always tired. Tbe worst problem thats occured is my difficulty breathing. Its really bad at night and after i eat. Its like i have to try hard to get deep breaths and i honesly think im going to lose my breathing sometimes. Its like my throat is closing up an swollen and do are my lymph nodes under armpits! PLEASE HELP
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Why not see a Dr. Don't know what she had, probably not a STD but only a Dr can tell you what might be going on. Don't think this is a STD.
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