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severe headache

Please  HELP i have been suffering from a prolonged headache for some time now and all scans to see if it is migraine proved negative It always start by puling my left eye and ears and very peperish in my skull i had to cut my hair to skin yet no relief and the only drug that reliefs me for a few minutes is dangerous to the health according to my doctor {Alabukun} please somebody should come to my assistance before it is too late Thank you
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if these tablets are not recommended stop taking them,go back to your doctor and demand further tests,you shouldnt be going through this pain your doc should be doing more,have you got any other symptoms?
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My cousin had cluster migraines which had no known cause. She had a botox injection at the base of her skull and has been migraine free ever since. Also, I used to get vascular migraines due to hormone fluctuations. I started on a low dose of prescription medication called atenolol. It's a beta-blocker. From what I can understand hormones influence certain brain chemicals (nor-adrenaline,nor-epinephrine) or something like that. The brain chemical causes a restriction in the vessel usually in the temple area on one side. Atenolol lessens the effects of the brain chemicals. You can go to the emergency room and they should give you an injection of pain reliever if it gets to the point of vomiting. It might benefit you to take a hot shower then lay down in a dark, cold , and quiet room. Some people prefer cold compresses but in my experience it made it worse because of more restriction but it does alleviate inflammation. The heat helps to open up the blood vessels. Hope this helps. I'm really sorry your having to go through this.
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Get a CAT scan and a MRI, see a neurologist!
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Since you have a headache almost daily, what you have is in all probability not a simple migraine but a chronic daily headache (CDH). This can be the primary type—without any cause. One simple reason for daily headaches is compression of cervical spinal nerves. Another reason is TMJ, especially if the headache starts with chewing. The third reason could be severe acidity with or without GERD. The CDH could also be secondary to trauma, raised intracranial hypertension, high blood pressure, temporal arteritis etc. If the headache lasts for less than 4 hours then it could be a chronic cluster headache or a chronic paroxysmal hemicranias. If it lasts for more than 4 hours it could be chronic tension headache, chronic migraine or altered migraine or hemicranias continua. Indomethacin is the drug of choice in hemicranias continua. In fact the diagnosis is considered confirmed if a patient responds to Indomethacin. Cluster headaches are the other possibility. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please discuss this with a neurologist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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