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I am a 45 Australian National, recently diagnosed with Prostatitis , this happened after a Massage where mutual masturbation took place .... No sex, Oral or other..( i have not had sex out side my 12 year marriage) I have been tested for all usual suspect and nothing was found. My symptoms are mild tingling   in the Urethra ( Which is best described like the build up to wanting to ejaculate) and mild discomfort in the Prostrate but they are continually there with exception of  night time and the occasional days.

I have taken ( Forgive the spelling of medical terms )
Azitomzed 1000 x 2
Ciproflaxen 500mg per day for a month
Dyioxiline 100mg for 21days
metrodolzin 2000 x 2
over the Past 4 months and I have had a Ultrasound which showed Nothing.

I have been reading a lot and a bit confused but i have some questions.
I do have a history of fungal problems around my anus,
And i have been reading about Diabetes which when i look at the symptoms i have a couple such as Tingling and Numbness in hands and Feet which has been getting more prevalent recently also some blurred vision so  i am  going to get tested today.
My wife suffers from Indemetreosus?? is this a possible connection.... i have resumed Sex last week after a 4 month break from my wife ... as i have explained the situation to her. I have been very stressed about the situation which has probably not helped.
My symptoms are mild and not as per the usual symptoms like pain urinating etc which makes me wounder a little.
What Is your opinion My friend  and more importantly am i not doing some thing. The Doctors here are not giving me much to go on and i feel a bit alone with this.  I have seen GP's Sexual clinics and Of course Urologist
I am happy to pay for any discussions provided we can do it through Internet payment safe way.

Can you help in any way..

Thanks Gary
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I have posted a history /concern on the forum but i do not get any responce am i not following procedure ??? correctly
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It sometimes takes a while before someone, a doctor will reply to your message.

I'm very familiar with prostatitis and other prostate problems. I started having some problems in my early 20's. Some of the problems included infections of the urinary tract and at times kidneys.

In 1989 I got married and the symptoms seemed to increase. I at times had a lot of discomfort in the lower abdomen and in between my scrotum and rectum. Many times I was treated with courses of Cipro 500 mg for several months.

In 1995 I had a TURP and resection of the bladderneck at the age of 30. Two urologists noticed that there was some obstruction of the bladder neck. This suurgery only gve relief for about 6 months when symptoms increased again. After a urodynamics test it was found that I have a neurogenic bladder for which I started to self cath.

As the result of self cath. I have developed a fistula between my prostate and rectum.

The cause and treatment of prostatitis is not fully understood. Symptoms are treated as they present themselves. Do not agree with any amjor procedures like surgery untill you are completely sure that there are no other options.

I will be going in for a cystoscopy tomorrow to see what needs to be done about this fistula.

Don't give up and keep on posting, they are usually good to reply.

All the best.

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